Biden Isn’t Acting Like His Poll Numbers Suck, Jenna Ellis Explains Why [VIDEO]

Good... midterms are coming

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While millions of American families gathered around the table and gave thanks this week, even with inflation making the holiday one of the most expensive ever, President Joe Biden might not have that much to be thankful for.

Thanks to his administration, the Southern border is in shambles, America’s workforce is standing strong against forced vaccines, and who can forget about his dismal approval ratings.

Although, it should be mentioned that his Vice President Kamala Harris has worse ratings than Biden. But while the Biden administration surely knows America doesn’t care much for the President or his VP, apparently they don’t really care. 

In the video, which can be watched below, President Trump’s attorney Jenna Ellis breaks down the Biden administration and what stunned her most about the recent moves made within the White House. Knowing the potential at a 2024 run for reelection would be disastrous given his approval rating, Ellis was shocked how no one within the administration seemed to care the slightest what the American people think or believe. 

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Speaking on the recent non-existent Biden, Ellis said, “I think it’s become so painfully obvious that the Biden administration doesn’t even care about the optics. And this is shocking because as his poll numbers are absolutely tanking, he’s not doing what a normal politician or a normal president would do, especially on Thanksgiving, when had an opportunity to go out and like President Trump did a few years ago with that secret trip to Afghanistan that everyone was tweeting about and remembering how much he surprised the troops.”

Ellis added, “What did Joe Biden do? He did the exact opposite thing that you that anyone who is at all a political strategist, or anyone who is reaching out to common sense Americans would have advised him to do, and so this just shows that no one in the administration actually cares about his approval ratings, because they are so elitist. They don’t care about the American voters, what we think or how we’re doing.”

But while none in the current administration care now, their mood is sure to change as the midterms draw closer and their power in Washington diminishes. 

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on November 26, 2021. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com and is used by permission.

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Smarter that a mole
Smarter that a mole
5 months ago

When you cheat at elections you do not have to care what the electorate thinks. Obama was they same way, they know they cheated and do no need to care because they are NEVER held accountable for their crimes.

George Swinler
George Swinler
5 months ago

Or maybe, JUST MAYBE, they’re so confident they will keep their power by any means necessary (remember 11/3/2020???) that they simply don’t feel like they need to care.

No one seems to ever explore this possibility, even on the very Conservative Right.

5 months ago

Judging by the photo, he must smell the crap in his depends.

5 months ago

OF COURSE, he doesn’t care and I don’t expect him/them to care one bit. They are getting their agenda done whether you like it or not, illegally or not but they are gitt’n er done!

So, natch they don’t care what you think. The only thing they understand is a noose around their neck.

5 months ago

They don’t care because he was not really elected. They know that they can manipulate the next election also, so have no fear of losing.