PHOENIX, AZ – During a November 22nd media briefing, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich shot back at a local reporter who’d inquired about AG Brnovich’s jab status, asking the reporter if they’ve ever had an STD.

AG Brnovich, having the backing of unions representing Phoenix firefighters and police officers, has filed suit against the Biden administration regarding the effort to force the COVID shot on employees of private companies and federal agencies.

During the closing of the media briefing where the matter was addressed, news outlet Arizona’s Family’s Political Editor Dennis Welch asked AG Brnovich whether or not he’d gotten the jab himself. The response Welch got was not only quippy – but well-reasoned.

“This is a thing, Dennis. I will tell everyone here, I believe very strongly in the privacy of our medical and health information. And so my health information is my own information. Dennis, have you had an STD? No, I mean, no, seriously, if we’re gonna start talking about people’s personal health information.”

Some journalists from the crowd were clearly incensed by AG Brnovich’s retort to the personal question he was asked by the Arizona’s Family reporter – interrupting the AG’s response – but he continued, going further into his rationale, explaining how a judge examined decades ago on how far the government should get involved in people’s personal health decisions.

“There was an outbreak. And if you accept the notion that the federal government for public health reasons can mandate you to do something or not do something, then does that mean if there was an STD outbreak or health outbreaks in the 70s and 80s – could they tell you that if you’re a government contractor or an employee that has a contract with government, that you can’t engage in intercourse with other human beings?

I mean, that literally is a question the federal judge asked. So, it’s not a ridiculous question. The question should be, once you allow receive this authority to the federal government, where does it stop? And my health information is my own health information, Dennis.”

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on November 25, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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