Will Manchin Bolt From The Democrats?

Do it Joe.

Joe Manchin has a clear choice, as does Krysten Sinema. They can stay in a Democrat Party that loathes them, that is actively campaigning against them, that they share little with ideologically, and that half of the voters in their states don’t belong to. That’s especially true for Manchin, as West Virginia is one of the most conservative states in the nation.

But if they go independent or join the Republicans they rob the Democrats of the Senate majority and effectively kill the Biden agenda immediately. They ensure certain reelection, as moderate Democrats and Republicans ally to keep them in office. If they do that, McConnell is likely to pay a very high price, possibly the chairmanship of a major committee. For a freshman like Sinema that would be quite a feather. But more than all that, they would be serving their country and constituents better by saving the country from the particular brand of authoritarian socialism Democrats currently bring to the table.


FNC: “Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., told reporters on Wednesday that a report about him potentially leaving the Democratic Party is “bulls—.”

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Manchin was swarmed by reporters ahead of the vote for President Biden’s controversial Education Department nominee Catherine Lhamon, asking him about a report that said the senator was considering leaving his party and becoming an independent. The report by Mother Jones alleged that Manchin was eyeing the exit ramp from his leftward-lurching party over the size of the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending package, which he wants to see drop to $1.75 trillion.

According to the report, Manchin was considering becoming an ‘American Independent’ should the price tag not drop – a point of contention between Manchin, whose vote is a needed legislative linchpin for the Democrats. The West Virginia Democrat told the gaggle of reporters that he has ‘no control over the rumors’ before calling the Wednesday report ‘bulls—.’ ”

But the press hears different. “Today, he called the report BS. I can tell you that the sourcing is impeccable, and he knows it! He knows what we know!” David Corn of the ultraleft Mother Jones publication told MSNBC pundit Joy Reid.

“He has now said it’s B-U-L-L. It’s actually T-R-U-E,” Corn said. “He himself has taken it off the table because if he’s gonna do it now, then he would actually show that what he’s saying it’s bull that he was lying then. So he has been outed.”

According to Corn’s report, Manchin’s strategy is “two-step.” First he submits a letter to Chuck Schumer resigning from Democrat leadership. He watches and sees if this makes an impact in negotiations on Capitol Hill. And then a week later, if no deal, Manchin would change his voter registration from Democrat to independent. Regardless of Corn’s ideology, the story smells right to me. Smart money says he eventually jumps, but Sinema stays.

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LJ Bleil
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If he has any self- respect, he will