Washington State Anti-Trumper Republican Accepts Biden Appointment

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Well, if you want to wreck your career as a politician, there are few more effective ways to do it than to accept the nomination for an administration post from Joe Biden. Especially if you’re a Republican. You may as well place your own head in the political guillotine.

This may be Washington Republican Secretary of State Kim Wyman’s political fate. Wyman seems like a pleasant woman, and I have voted for her. In this state, any Republican candidate is usually still better than a candidate in the style of this neo-Socialist-Marxist/Democrat Party.

But that’s just indicative of how bad the Democrats have become, not of how good some state Republicans are. Over the years, Kim Wyman has proven herself to be frustratingly swampy. For example, she allowed to go virtually unchallenged, significant apparent wrongdoing during the Democrats’ gun control ballot measure I-1639.

Despite dozens of obvious violations of election rules and some laws, Wyman refused even to challenge any of the offenses in this seriously flawed initiative. This meant the unconstitutional ballot measure got on the ballot when it should not have, and it passed. The only Republican remaining who holds a high state office, let her constituents down.

But Wyman wasn’t finished. In a state known for questionable elections and for what so many have declared was an outright stolen governor’s election in 2004, Wyman remains disturbingly unaffected by Washington’s voting irregularities. She also seems unconcerned that so many of the state’s voters have legitimate questions about election integrity in this state. In fact, in December 2020, a letter I’d written to Secretary Wyman appeared on these pages. I don’t believe she responded.

This brings us back to Biden’s recent selection of Wyman to become the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Senior Election Security Lead. As an ostensible Republican, a Democrat administration picked her, not as a nod toward bipartisanship, but for two reasons.

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First, she spoke out against President Trump’s obvious consternation over massive election irregularities in 2020. NPR wrote a glowing article, lavishing praise on Wyman whom they wrote: “wasn’t having any of then-President Donald Trump’s unrelenting and unsupported claims of election fraud.” I guess, according to NPR and other Democrat state media, you can only complain about election fraud if you’re a Democrat.

Mollie Hemingway points this out so astutely in her new book, Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections (Oct. 12, 2021, Regnery Publishing). Democrats openly proclaimed presidential elections were stolen in 2000, 2004, and 2016. Ironically, the most infamous and credible accusation of a possible stolen presidential election in modern history was that Democrat John F. Kennedy had stolen it from Richard M. Nixon, a Republican.

Second, with Republican Wyman stepping down as secretary of state, Democrat Jay Inslee will fill the seat, locking up state government with exclusively Democrat high office holders (anyone think “Republican” Wyman thought of this when she so quickly accepted the position?). As Dan Bongino says, “Some Republicans are Democrats, but no Democrats are Republicans.”

Does anyone think Inslee, one of the most partisan socialist Democrats in the nation, will pick a Republican to reflect the will of the voters? Not much chance of that. Although, with so many weak Republicans in this state, I’m sure he could find one to his liking if he wanted to.

Speaking of the dictator of Washington state, it’s ironic that Inslee, who so covets a Biden nomination for himself (I think he’d salivate at even being named ambassador to Nauru, which is in no way meant to disparage that lovely nation), sees one go to, even if only nominally, a Republican.

Hey, I can attest to the fact Inslee has been a slavish devotee to Biden’s reckless mask hysteria and the vaccine mandates which have purged our public safety class and devastated law enforcement in this state.

The former police chief, 2020 gubernatorial candidate, and current congressional candidate from Washington, Loren Culp, had some interesting observations about Wyman’s appointment. Culp gained fame when he declared his city, Republic, Washington, the nation’s first Second Amendment sanctuary city. His book, American Cop: Upholding the Constitution and Your Right to Bear Arms (Feb. 2019, O’Leary Publishing) is inspiring.

In 2020, Culp had what appeared to be massive grassroots support for his run to become governor, even in the leftist Puget Sound (Seattle) region, but he lost to an unpopular governor. Inslee was another Democrat who barely campaigned. Support for the Republican candidate, Culp did not extend to establishment Republicans in the state legislature or to Secretary Wyman.

A recent email I received from the Culp campaign is poignant and can apply everywhere in our nation:

Kim Wyman Gets a New Job From Clueless Joe And All The Mainstream Republicans Can Do Is Cheer

I have no doubt in my mind there was fraud in the 2020 election cycle. Fraud in Washington State and fraud throughout America. When my team filed our lawsuit to challenge the election results on December 23, 2020, we were met with vicious pushback from Kim Wyman’s office, the Mainstream Republicans, the Democrat Party of Washington, the corrupt media in Seattle, and Attorney General Bob Fergusson’s office.

If we lost fair and square I could live with that. I never conceded because I have never believed we lost a fair fight. I will never concede unless there is a statewide forensic audit of the election and it is clear that I did not win.

So, why am I running for Congress if I believe I won the Governor’s race? That’s a good question.

This movement we started can’t stop because of the events in 2020–we must push forward where we can WHILE WE SUPPORT THE EFFORTS FOR AN AUDIT!  I believe now more than ever that defeating the Democrats at the state and local levels begins by cleaning out the RINOs in our own party who collude and work closely with the Democrats to pass their liberal agenda and destroy the country we love so dearly.

Why am I running in Congressional District 4 against another RINO–Dan Newhouse–the guy who voted to impeach President Trump and voted with Nancy Pelosi to set up the January 6th Commission? Because I am going to retire this RINO in 2022.

You’ve always had my back and we need your continued support in order to finish the month strong and outraise the Mainstream Republicans in this race. These people hate me because I stand up for you, for individual freedom and liberty, and for the Constitution. I have always kept up the fight against these globalists in Washington State and now in Washington DC and I always will.

Together we can reach our goal if everyone does their part according to their resources. I appreciate you all more than you know.



meet the author

Steve Pomper is a retired Seattle police officer. He's served as a field training officer and on the East Precinct Community Police Team. He's the author of four books, including "De-Policing America: A Street Cop's View of the Anti-Police State." He's also a contributor to the National Police Association.

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9 months ago

She has ruined her cances of ever hold another office. I hope She enjoys the money , that I bet she got from Soros.

Andre Stephenson
Andre Stephenson
9 months ago

This is garbage! One idiot citing discredited source Hemingway, Bongino and Culp!

9 months ago

Out and Out RINOs are almost worse than D Rats because they give D Rats cover without effectively blunting any D Rat fantasies. Thus we have Creepy Joe, currently the worst of D Rats picking a RINO so he looks sorta, maybe, bi-partisan and that AH took the job. Keep her name in mind.

9 months ago

On Your Bikes RINO’s !! Let’s Go Brandon !

Mary-Jo Wiese
Mary-Jo Wiese
9 months ago

I have decided that so many of our so-called Republicans, were alwys Demoncraps at heart, & have decided to “Come Out ” with Joey supposedly
in charge!! Actually I think they weren’t offered a better position under Obummer & so stayed where they were, A RINO IN DISGUISE !! The Radical Progressives, will Lie, Cheat & Steal to get what they want & Living the Big Life is what they want ! They don’t care who they have to hurt to get it !! Where as, Most Conservatives want to help people have better lives !!

Kamala esPuta
Kamala esPuta
9 months ago

Our politicians know the democrats will vote for the democrat and the
republicans will reelect the incumbent.

Fred LeMaster
Fred LeMaster
9 months ago

Say Mr. Dan Bongino, Sir, I truly can understand that there are No Communistic Socialistic Progressive Liberal Democratic Donkey Party Members who would ever think of changing over to becoming a True Conservative Republican Party Member! But there are a Lot of Far Left Leaning/Illegally Labeled FAKE And WOKE RINO’s, Who Can’t Determine IF They Want To Become Either A Liberal Demo. Or A Moderate Demo. Or A Progressive Demo., The Reason Why I Said FAKE And WOKE RINO’s, is because they have learned to do the very same as those CSPLDDP Members Operate, When They Run For Office In The US Congress, They Love Making Promises, And When They Get Elected, They Throw All Of Those Promises Out Of Their Own Windows, Except 2 Moderates, named Ms. or Mrs. Senema and Mr. Manchin, because they are the only 2 Democrats That Believe In The Whole US Constitution, Which This Constitutional Republic Was Built On!