It started with former President Donald Trump being de-platformed from all major social media sites. Citing that he was one of the instigators behind the Capitol Hill riot, big tech had more than enough ammunition to go after Trump. But while they promised this was for the betterment of society, big tech has now started attacking and censoring any person who disagrees with their liberal agenda. Take investor and founder of SPARTN Monkey Rescue, Michael Robison, for example.

Although Robison didn’t hesitate to get the COVID-19 vaccine when it first came out, he regrets that decision as he is fighting multiple health issues. And while Robison wanted to do nothing more than inform people to “Think, Study, and Be Aware,” Twitter viewed his personal experience as misinformation and therefore censored him for telling the truth. 

Once a healthy man, Robison expressed his anger surrounding the vaccine when he was diagnosed with cancer. Taking to Twitter, Robison unloaded a thread of tweets aimed at the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

“I am not anti-vaccine… but I will caution…. Proceed with care!!! Police cars revolving light I am now fighting a T-Cell Lymphoma as a result of the degraded mRNA Protein Spike via dendritic reaction, called by Pfizer a waning immunity! It is not truly a safe precaution for #COVID19.”

Robison didn’t stop there as he admitted that the companies behind the COVID-19 vaccine know the dangers involved. “The CDC, Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J know that the instability of IVT use of mRNA is accompanied by the bodies clearing of the Inert 19 Protein Spike by the immune system. When it leaves the cell structure compromised after insertion & clearing…. It results in autoimmune issues….”

Going into detail about some of the dangers, Robison added, “One such issue is the risk and causation of severe results such as Leukemia and T-Cell Lymphoma. Another common long-term effect is autoimmune disorders that impact the skin…. And require lifelong maintenance and treatment. All such issues and cases have been consistently reported to VAERS, which is co-managed by the CDC & FDA…. But no attention or research has been prioritized or funded for this repository of information!”

Hoping to convince Americans to do their research, Robison ended his thread with,  “my caution is this…. Be aware. As late as 2018, all of the groups involved were still convinced that mRNA was still far too unstable for use in vaccine distribution. This vaccine is the largest form of a clinical trial in the history of mankind.”

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Taking issues with Robison’s statement, Twitter first placed a “Misleading” tag on his tweets. But seeing that as not enough, the big tech company went on to censor the entire thread. They censored users from viewing what Robison wrote, and some tweets even mysteriously disappeared. 

Talking to the press, Robison said, “this stark, swift, and harsh censorship by Twitter is a reminder that the ‘facts’ you read on any social media platform are not unbiased or unfiltered. Rather it is dictated by narratives that fit the political or personal gain of those in charge of multi-billion dollar platforms to which we have surrendered our lives.”

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on October 9, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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