In January 1942 the United States was in a quandary on how to strike back at Japan. We were on the run in the Pacific and they were winning left and right. But by April, because of the small pinprick of the Doolittle Raid, we had some hope. By June and Midway we had turned the whole thing around. As Churchill said on another matter, “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

So it might be with the Left’s play to control American culture. For almost 60 years they’ve driven the cultural agenda in this country. From literature, to media, to Hollywood, they have been triumphant. But three small pinpricks, two wins and a defeat, signal a possible changing of the tide, a fight back against the culmination of the leftist cultural imperium found in PC and wokism.

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Dave Chappelle, Clint Eastwood, and the Rolling Stones have all run into leftist censorship as of late. Chappelle and Eastwood fought back. The Stones, for now, have reluctantly caved. But all three are indicative of a coming fight.

To summarize: Chappelle got hit by PC bluestockings because he dared to make fun to guy who pretends to be a woman, a “trans” individual. Eastwood was called to task for a wisecrack he made over Indians at the 1973 Oscars. The Stones were pressured to pull the song “Brown Sugar” from their setlist because it allegedly is insulting to black women. Their reactions were interesting.

Chappelle, true to form, just made more fun of the Left in front of 18,000 fans at the Hollywood Bowl. So that means out of 18,000 people, some were likely Hollywood entertainment industry players. From them and fellow Californians, who vote lockstep blue, Chappelle got a standing ovation as he eviscerated the Left. For some of them, publicly applauding criticism of the Left must have been like coming out of a closet. But they did it anyway.

It’s like that line from the commander at Wake Island in the opening days of WWII. Besieged by the Japanese, when asked what he needed by his superiors, he answered, “Send more Japs.” The story is probably apocryphal, but it fits this bill. Dave Chappelle would no doubt relish the opportunity to skewer more leftists.

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Eastwood just blew off the kerfuffle. But strangely, so did Hollywood. The sad little man who tried to stir an old pot was not backed by the usual Hollywood airheads. He was ignored and also ridiculed. Not, I bet, what he was expecting.

Yes, the Stones folded on the song. But their fans are in an uproar and Keith Richards, between injections of the blood of ancient Egyptian pharoahs, hinted that the decision may not stand for long. Three scenes that may signal a rebellion with legs, a play to return America to cultural sanity.