Let’s put aside Joe Biden for the moment and stipulate that he’s a senile puppet run by others. Thus you’d think those others, as they pulled off the trick of getting a mentally impaired geriatric into the White House by way of a basement, would have some political chops. Well, maybe they’re those types, Bill Clinton was like this, who are great campaigners but lousy in government.

Whatever the reason, everything they touch seems to turn to excrement. Every word, every action, every soundbite bespeaks amateur hour status. They are embarrassing to other corrupt politicians everywhere. It’s not so much that they are Bolshevik bast****, which they are in spades, it’s that they are such dumb incompetent Bolshevik bast**** that is quite the surprise. David Bossie, long time GOP ace, tells the story.

Bossie: For months, I’ve described the repulsive behavior of today’s Democratic Party under the leadership of President Joe Biden as the new unholy trinity of politics:  irresponsible, arrogant, and tone deaf.  And White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain’s promotion of a tweet describing our nation’s ongoing inflation and supply chain crises as “high class problems” is no exception.

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High gas prices are not high class problems. Super expensive groceries are not high class problems.  The specter of Christmas toy shortages and not enough Halloween costumes on the shelves or Thanksgiving turkeys on the table are not high class problems. As a matter of fact, higher prices hit working families in America the hardest. Everyone knows this. So what in the world was Klain thinking?

In previous administrations, under normal circumstances, a functioning press corps would have been pressuring Klain to resign or at very least come out to the White House podium to say that he made a huge mistake.  But in Joe Biden’s Washington, there is no accountability and bad behavior is brushed aside and ignored by the mainstream media to the detriment of the American people.

To date, no one has been held accountable in the Biden administration for the border crisis; no one has been held accountable for the Afghanistan fiasco that cost thirteen heroic American lives; no one has been held accountable for the high crime “Defund Police” debacle that continues unchecked; and it appears that ignoring and grossly mischaracterizing skyrocketing inflation is acceptable as well.

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In fact, Biden and Klain are so detached from reality they won’t even listen to economist Larry Summers, who served as Bill Clinton’s Treasury Secretary and Barack Obama’s National Economic Council Director. Summers recently sounded the alarm on inflation by saying, “we’re in more danger than we’ve been during my career of losing control of inflation in the U.S.”

Let that sink in for a minute. We’re on the verge of a full blown disaster and the White House Chief of Staff is dismissing it. It’s no wonder that the new Zogby poll shows Joe Biden’s approval rating plunging to 36 percent.