CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen gave her thoughts on optional masks in schools on Thursday during an appearance on the liberal network. Unsurprisingly, the fear-mongering Wen said that the United States is “nowhere near” a time when she thinks masks can be removed in schools.

“I agree that masks are a very powerful layer of protection, but it’s one layer,” Wen said. “And if we have so many other layers that are present, masking may be one that could go away. But I would say that — let’s say a school … or a particular class, everybody is vaccinated in that class, and also the level of community transmission is declining.”


“I could imagine that situation being where we remove masks because we have all these other layers,” she added. “Or if we have rapid testing, imagine if every child and teacher were tested every morning, and also they’re vaccinated, you can imagine that situation, even if there is high levels of community spread that maybe you can remove masks at that time.”

“But we are nowhere near that yet, and I think what we really need to do is get the vaccines authorized for children as soon as that is possible and also really ramp up testing because that is a powerful tool that we are just not using across the country as we should be,” Wen continued.

This comes as it was revealed today that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quietly removed guidance on removing masks and phasing out other COVID-19 guidelines from its website. This change occurred when the CDC updated its guidance about students, teachers, and school staffers for grades K-12.

“We believe that our state, as well as teacher’s unions, probably had an influence over this change,” Jonathan Zachreson, an advocate for fully reopening California schools, told Fox News. “It’s basically mask indefinitely in schools forever, and there is no off-ramps. So it’s really disappointing to see that.”

A CDC spokesman said that guidance is “always being revised based on the current epidemiology” and that increases in the delta variant and low vaccination coverage in some communities were what caused these changes to be made.

From the very beginning of this pandemic, liberals and “health experts” have been trying to use it to control every aspect of our lives. The left would love it if we were all in masks forever, so it comes as no surprise that they’re trying to keep masks in schools for as long as possible, regardless of what this will do to our children in the future.

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This piece was written by James Samson on September 23, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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