Amongst other disasters that came out of the Biden Bugout was the strengthening alliance between the Taliban and the Communist Chinese. Analyst Yuri Vanetik surveys the scene.

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Vanetik: It is almost surreal.  On the cusp of the 20th anniversary of September 11 Terror attacks, America completed its withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Taliban immediately and effortlessly took back control of the region, renaming it the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

I have pointed out in my recent article in Newsmax, that after the fall of Kabul, the Taliban immediately issued a statement that it intends to be more inclusive. I also pointed out that Taliban’s efforts to appease some of the more gullible western observers were (a) disingenuous and (b) intended to preemptively dissuade the Islamo-fascists’ ideological enemies – the West – from engaging in hostilities until Taliban’s new government was fully entrenched.

          I have also observed in another article I published that the Taliban is actively forging alliances with the Communist Chinese, Russia, and the Iranians; these are three of the United States’ most formidable adversaries. In fact, the Taliban has designated the Communist Chinese as a “main partner” in rebuilding the new Islamic state of Afghanistan.

What happened? We know that nation-building is a high stakes, long term, expensive proposition that often fails or leads to a pyrrhic victory for the nation builder and its allies.  We failed in Afghanistan. We never truly engaged in building out Afghanistan’s economic infrastructure.  Instead, we poured money into corrupt contractors’ pockets and fueled Afghan kleptocracy. We also failed to cultivate an alternative set of values predicated on secular notions of human dignity, market economy, and democratic values.  In other words, for 20 years we funded fat cat contractors and paid bribes.  We invested tremendous capital into contractors that treated their homeland worse than a colony.  That is why, when we left and the Taliban came in, there was no resistance, and not much surprise from the locals.

What should we do now? First, the leaders in the West must recognize that the overtures being issued by the Taliban are deceptive and purposely so. Whether naively or by construct, the Biden administration’s tacit acceptance of Taliban rhetoric has resulted in an unofficial recognition of a U.S. State Department classified terror organization. The United States and the other leaders of the free world must understand the Islamic tenet of al taqiyya.

Al taqiyya is the Islamic practice of deception toward the non-believer. It is sanctioned in Sharia Law that in instances of threat or to advance the cause of Islam, the devout are empowered to lie to achieve their intended goals. This is most certainly the case with the Taliban’s manipulation of American foreign policy initiatives in the region. Additionally, the leaders of the free world must realize that after 20-years of effectively scattering, disrupting, infiltrating and combating the terrorism of radical pseudo-Muslim organizations directed by Middle East radical fringe groups, the West is back to square one; facing a more potent threat than pre-September 11, 2001. Inadvertently, we the West have cultivated a new, more robust strain of the Taliban.

Effective cooperative measures among the free nations of the West must be immediately implemented to gather intelligence on the newly empowered Taliban apparatus metastasizing throughout Afghanistan; the West must financially isolate both the new regime in Kabul and their affiliate organizations, i.e. ISIS-K, the Haqqani Network, al Qaeda etc.; and covertly disrupt the organizational and financial infrastructure of these groups to destabilize and demoralize their leadership.

Further, devoted, overt, well-funded, and cooperative international campaign to capture the hearts and minds of the next generation of prospective jihadis – in Afghanistan and throughout the Middle East – must be implemented. Like the 9/11 world of 20 years ago, the nations of the world will have to abruptly change direction where their individual agendas are concerned, and face this formidable, toxic reconstituted threat before it spreads into other regions. This means the Biden administration will have to abandon its transformative agenda, to prioritize combating the threat posed by the reconstituted Taliban in order to disrupt future terrorist plots.

However, in the aftermath of his dismal performance in Afghanistan – and his subsequent attempt to politically spin out his administration’s failures, President Biden doesn’t have the confidence of the world’s leaders. The British Parliament voted to condemn Mr. Biden’s decision-making in Afghanistan calling his actions ‟catastrophic” and ‟shameful,” while former British Prime Minister Tony Blair branded Mr. Biden an ‟imbecile.” This lack of confidence will necessarily raise questions of President Biden’s commitment, ability, and dedication to the effort of containing the new Taliban threat.

Muslim extremists are charged with advancing Islam to the station of a global calaphate, where all are subjugated to a twisted version of Islam. They play the long game whereas the West believes it can defeat Islamo-fascism in a singular conflict. Western leaders couldn’t be more wrong.