Rand Paul DESTROYS Blinken With One Question About Alleged ISIS K Drone Strike [VIDEO]

Now that was one hell of a 'gotcha' question

Rand Paul has been destroying Tony Fauci for quite some time, but now he has turned his attention on Antony Blinken.

This question, answer, and response exposes a major flaw in the Biden Regime’s move of drone strikes in Afghanistan.

Are they really this incompetent, or are they just lying again?


Rand Paul: If they behave, you’re going to give them the money. Why don’t we subtract the $80 billion from the $10 billion you’re going to give them? Then they’re minus 70 still. I mean, really, the fact that you’re entertaining good behavior, that they’ll get more money, I think is a big mistake and a naive notion that we’re going to somehow change this stone age philosophy by giving them more of our money. We’ve sunk trillions of dollars over there. This is our chance to have a peace dividend. Let’s quit sending good money after bad. The guy the Biden administration droned, Was he an aid worker or an ISIS K operative?

Antony Blinken: The administration is, of course, reviewing that that strike. And I’m sure that uh, you know, a full assessment will be will be forthcoming.

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Rand Paul: So you don’t know if it was an aid worker or an ISIS K operative?

Antony Blinken: I can’t speak to that. And I can’t speak to that in this setting. In any event.

Rand Paul: So you don’t know or won’t tell us?

Antony Blinken: I don’t I don’t know. Because we’re reviewing it.

Rand Paul: We’ll see you think you’d kind of know before you’re off somebody with a predator drone, whether he’s an aid worker, or he’s an ISIS K. See the thing is, is this isn’t just you, it’s been going on for administration, after administration. The Obama administration droned hundreds and hundreds of people. And the thing is, is there is blowback to that. I mean, I don’t know if it’s true, but I see these pictures of these beautiful children that were killed in the attack. If that’s true, and not propaganda, if that’s true, guess what, maybe you created hundreds or 1000’s of new potential terrorists from bombing the wrong people. So you got to know who, you can’t sort of have an investigation after we kill people. We have an investigation before we kill people.

So do you think there’s an actual investigation going on, or are they working on a cover-up to their incompetence?

Or maybe it wasn’t even incompetence, but a purposeful strike saying they killed an enemy to distract from the withdrawal debacle.

At this point, we wouldn’t put anything past them.

People from around the Twittersphere had a few things to say as well…

“The drone strike happened 2 weeks ago, and they still can’t identify who they hit?”

“They know full well who they hit.”

“They were very sure who they were hitting before they hit, but not after?”

“In this administration, four days ago is past the expiration date.”

“They are investigating the investigation.”

“They just droned somebody to prove to the public that Biden was tough on ISIS…and they knew most Americans have the attention span of tree moss, so a soundbite was all that was needed to shut them up. They murdered someone for political points.”

“They know, it’s called the super slow walk and deniability action of the administration.”

“The Biden Administration is a joke.”

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8 days ago

This pathetic,idiot pretending to be secretary of state needs to be removed for total incompetency, doesn’t know who they droned my ass, they know they killed an aid worker, and 8 kids of the same family. Don’t think the world doesn’t see how this incompetent administration is total disaster and a joke, They all need to be removed, and arrested for treason,and espionage,murder.

8 days ago
Reply to  Joe

Nothing will happen…have any of the investigations of the past..take Durham as an example…ended with anyone being held responsible. Don’t hold your breath…all of these fools skate.

8 days ago

Rand Paul is one of the FEW Republicans who is THE BEST at asking the BEST questions rather than any of the DEMWITTS who just throw softballs at Blinken and THANK him for his WORTHLESS service! Halley, Jordan,Graham, and a few others are ALSO good!!!!

8 days ago

Don’t you fools know Biden is just Oblammer’s puppet??????? And King Obama NEVER ruled by law! He was King and he ruled by edict! If he said kill someone they got killed quick!

8 days ago
Reply to  FedUp

Yes we ALL know that, Biden is supposed to NOMINATE “OBOZO” for the next Supreme Court opening as soon as the next one retires, thats his PUPPETMASTER reward!

7 days ago

I don’t see that happening. Judges on the Supreme Court have to spend several hours a month actually engaged in “Legal Work”. Barry “O” doesn’t “do” legal or work !

8 days ago

You cannot TRUST ANYTHING THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION SAYS, because all they know how to do is lie, just look at THE PRESS SECRATARY SHE LIES ALL THE TIME. Just look at Faucci and all his lies, start with before CONGRESS and then wear a mask, do not wear a mask, wear 2 masks, get 1 shot, get 2 shots, oh wait we have to keep getting shots, I wonder how much money that LYING NO GOOD PEACE OF SHIT IS GETTING OFF ALL THIS. I DO BEAVE HE WAS FUNNELING OUR TAXPAYER MONEY TO HELP MAKE THIS VIRUS, wake up people, China does not care how many of their people to kill off they have a lot to spare, but oh how great that would be to kill off that many USA citizens. GOD BLESS A FREE USA