Laura Ingraham Has Narrowed it Down to 2 People Who She Thinks Are “Controlling Biden”

Interesting duo, Laura..I think one of them is absolutely spot-on

Biden has let on that there are people behind the scenes who are perhaps playing a very big role in what he says and does.

Not only does his current mental state make one think there’s someone pulling the strings, but his behavior while answering questions to the press has also raised many eyebrows.

Constantly, over and over, we hear Biden say things like, “I’m not allowed to take questions,” or “They told me I have to call on NBC,” or “I’m gonna get in trouble if I do this…” etc.

Look, it’s perfectly normal for presidents to be “advised.” That’s how things work. You have a lot of advisors who you turn to for guidance and advice – but they don’t “tell you” what to do.

So, it’s very disturbing to always hear this bumbling old buffoon alluding to some “shadowy entity” in the background that’s calling the shots for the supposedly most powerful man in the world.

And now, after everything that’s happened in Afghanistan, and all the other debacles and the disasters, and Joe Biden’s obvious mental illness, many people are growing tired of this and they’re fed up.

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People now want to know who’s telling this guy what to do. Who is running the show?

Well, Laura Ingraham just threw out two names that’ll definitely get you thinking.

Here’s what she said:

“Who’s running the White House and making the big decisions? Is it Ron Klain, his Chief of Staff? Is it the First Lady? America deserves to know.”


Here’s what people had to say about Laura’s theory:

“Every time I see him on the podium and he’s about to take questions and he says “well now they’ve given me a list of names on who to call on ; so let’s see…”
I wonder who the “THEY” is.”

“I think Mrs. is more involved with his well being than we know. She knows his weaknesses and I’m sure she keeps tabs on everything to help protect him. Why she let him go for the Presidency, is beyond me.”

“I’ll raise my hand and answer. China is in control. It’s my gut feeling.”

“They” are. They told me to call on this reporter. They told me not to take questions. They told me to walk away from the press conference. They told me to go to Dover. They tell me what to say, they tell me what to do. It is THEY!”

“It’s not Sleepy…he would screw up a lemonade stand”


America deserves to know what the heck is going on with this administration.

At this point, it’s clear that Biden can barely pick out his own clothes, let alone lead a country.

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Gary Basinger
Gary Basinger
29 days ago

America DESERVES a good President. We didn’t get one. We got a puppet that is DESTROYING all he touches and that means WE, the people will pay the price for this horrid man and his horrid administration. Time for a new election without Kammie the VP going in as his replacement.

29 days ago

How many votes did they get???!

Paula Rigney
Paula Rigney
28 days ago

I think its Obama and hillary .

Paul Baioni
Paul Baioni
28 days ago
Reply to  Paula Rigney

I’d go with Obama. He said as much when he stated he would rather be the guy on the phone directing traffic than the guy sitting in the chair taking the heat.
#2 is a cabal of progre3ssive Marxists that were a part of Obama’s admin that are currently in Biden’s admin like Jarret, Rice, Sullivan, and others. I’m fairly certain, Schumer and Pelosi are helping guide his activities as well.

Jimmie Deloach
Jimmie Deloach
28 days ago
Reply to  Paula Rigney

Me too

28 days ago
Reply to  Jimmie Deloach

Yep, I forgot the bag lady in my comment above.

28 days ago

She’s wrong. Two most prominent ones are Pelosi, herself, having been caught on video telling Biden not to answer questions, and another is Ron Klain, Chief of Staff. However, they also get their general orders fron (obviously) Obama and his shadow government.

Mike Arehart
Mike Arehart
25 days ago

Is it Obama?