While President Joe Biden continues to urge and plead with Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine, more and more reports are coming out about the vaccine’s side effects and overall success rate. Not to mention, Biden mandated the vaccine for all businesses but decided not to make it mandatory for members of Congress.

But although they praise the vaccine, Dr. Mollie James recently revealed that the national database used to track side effects and complications from the vaccine (VAERS) is being underused and reported that the true number of side effects is well over 100. 

Talking to reporters, Dr. James admitted how many doctors wouldn’t use VAERS due to the political repercussions. “I feel pressured not to use VAERS, and many of my colleagues confidently tell me the same. They are scared of politics, of being outed, shamed, and ridiculed.

It’s easy for a doctor to lose their admitting privileges somewhere, and many know if they report something as a vaccine side effect, they could lose their job. I can’t believe what I see over and over again, and I’ve decided to come forward because this is such a silent crisis of public health. People have to know how bad things are, and they need to know the real risks of the COVID vaccines.”

Dr. James didn’t just make accusations as she discussed some of the complications not being reported on. “There is clearly an increased risk of strokes, heart attack, blood clots, autoimmune issues, arterial issues, and neurological issues associated with the vaccine that are not being tracked because politics is demanding that the vaccine be considered perfect.

The risks go all the way up to death. People are suffering major adverse reactions, and I have no doubt many are dying from these vaccines, but we can’t discuss this openly without fear of political consequences. I have to speak out.”

Not wanting to give an exaggerated number, Dr. James only talked about her own experience, saying, ​​“If you have a cardiac arrest within 24 hours of receiving the vaccine, it’s something we need to consider as connected to the vaccine. That connection is not being made, and right now, they are being massively underreported. There are people with no other risk factors, and we are seeing this to a concerning level. If it’s happening to many patients in the ICUs I’m working in, I can only assume it’s present in other places, and it’s not being reported.” 

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This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on September 16, 2021. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com and is used by permission.

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