Democrats Race Hustle On Whips to Interrupt Border Patrol Operations

No horses, less border security.

Image Credit: YouTube screenshot

At first glance the whips scenario seems like your typical Democrat race hustle operation, with an image bonus for them. Not only can they claim blacks are being whipped, but the perpetrators look like American cowboys, a national icon. Not coincidentally, Soviet and other communist propaganda also used the cowboy image for anti-American messaging.

But it’s more than only a race hustle. As soon as the images came out the Biden administration forbade the use of BCP horse patrols on the border, thus making surveillance and capture of illegal aliens harder. The consequence? Aliens flood the border with more ease than ever, a Biden administration priority.

FNC: “Widespread images depicting tense scenes between U.S. Border Patrol agents and Haitian immigrants have amplified the growing list of problems facing the Biden administration at the southern border. Accusations swirled in the media this week of agents using whips to deter migrants from entering the country after pictures and videos of horseback patrols emerged.

Pictures of agents mounted on horseback attempting to corral incoming migrants quickly became a target for government officials. Hordes of Haitians were seen crossing the Rio Grande with agents driving them backward and in at least one case grabbing an immigrant’s shirt collar. Others showed agents twirling their reins to coax the horse in certain directions, which many mistook as agents intentionally whipping the Haitian immigrants.

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‘It’s a bunch of BS,’ Rowdy Ballard told press on Friday. Ballard was Del Rio, Texas’ horse coordinator for six years and spent 17 years on horseback for Border Patrol before entering retirement.” By the way, what a great name for a guy on horseback.

“We all have the same message: we don’t carry whips,” Ballard said. “It was just a form of a pressure release. It was a tense situation. The horses were a little reluctant to do the job that the agents were asking… twirling the reins was just another tool they used to get the horses to do what they’re asking.”

“The horse is a great tool we’ve used for almost 100 years now,” Ballard said. “And with that going, it’s going to be harder to patrol that area. It’s frustrating for the guys in the field as well. I mean, they were asked to do a job and they did it to the best of their abilities. And now… they’re suffering the whiplash from this.”

Equine enthusiast Kathy Shrader knows the “whips” scenario is utter nonsense. She heard it defended on “The Five” by a Democrat operative. “Listening to Jessica Tarlov trying to defend the ‘whips’ scenario was amazing. Said she didn’t know the horseback patrol ‘had brought reins with them’ ” My God Tarlov, is it possible for you to be that stupid?

Shrader continued, “As a near lifelong horse person, I was taken aback at her (other Democrats too) willingness to boldly display her total ignorance on tack & when/how it is used. This is how they approach everything, all hat, no cowboy, yet they preach as the all knowing.”

She concluded, “We rate power by ‘horsepower’. There’s good reason for this, it is truly amazing the raw power just one horse has. People have no idea how challenging it is to control the behavior of a horse in out of control situations, we as riders are generally trying to keep our horses, ourselves, & pedestrians safe as possible. Those split reins are the primary lines of communication between horse & rider, best not to interfere in that conversation.”

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