Crenshaw Eviscerates Pelosi For Shutting Down Bill Pushing For Biden Accountability On Afghanistan

There has been no accountability at all for the Afghanistan disaster.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), a retired Navy SEAL, went on “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday morning to blast Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for shutting down a bill that aimed to hold Joe Biden and his administration accountable for the botched U.S. withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Crenshaw fired back at Pelosi by calling for whistleblowers to come forward to reveal the “real story” on the evacuation.

“Leading up to this, we’ve tried everything we could,” Crenshaw said during the Fox News appearance. “We tried to get the Biden administration to not engage in such a silly plan, right? We tried to prevent this from happening. That didn’t work. As they followed through with it, we tried to get them to fix it.”

“You know, Republicans were on the House floor yesterday asking for unanimous consent that we vote on a bill that would simply demand that the administration give us a plan for getting Americans out, getting our equipment out and not recognize the Taliban,” he added. “There was nothing partisan about that at all. But Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats refused to even allow a vote on it.”

Not stopping there, Crenshaw went on to lament the fact that there has been no accountability at all for the Afghanistan disaster.

“They want no accountability whatsoever,” Crenshaw said. “They don’t even want to fix the problem or admit that there is a problem. So now we’re moving into the accountability phase. That’s going to be difficult because we’re in the minority, Democrats in the majority. They might have some show hearings, but they really have no intention, as they’ve already shown, of holding this administration accountable.”

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Pelosi was quick to defend Biden last week despite the fact that he was widely slammed by both sides of the aisle for the disaster in Afghanistan.

“The judgment about leaving is a judgment that the president has made, and he has to balance the equities of what is the threat to our military and the people at the airport versus the advantage of staying,” she said, according to The Hill. Pelosi added that many lawmakers “really want to encourage the president to stay longer, but he has to weigh the equities of the danger versus the advantage, and I trust his judgment.”

In fact, Pelosi has stood by Biden throughout the entirety of the Afghanistan crisis. Last month, she spoke out to “commend the president for the action that he took. It was strong. It was decisive. And it was the right thing to do. We should have been out of Afghanistan a while back.”

Biden needs to be held accountable for what he did in Afghanistan, particularly after last week’s terrorist attack in Kabul that killed thirteen U.S. service members. Here’s hoping that Crenshaw and his fellow Republicans can find away to get around Pelosi, and give Biden exactly what he deserves.

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1 month ago

Rep.Dan Crenshaw is a WOLF in sheep’s clothing,and is NOT to be trusted.He belongs to an organization run by WEF leader,globalist,eugenicist Klaus Schwab.The very Klaus Schwab who wishes to be in control every human on planet earth,through an electronic chip in every human brain.