Hiding side effects sounds like the opposite of informed consent to anyone with an IQ above room temperature… but then again, we are talking about Joe Biden here.

This is the type of behavior you’d expect from a tyrannical dictator.

Oh, wait, The Biden Regime just mandated forced injections for millions without going through Congress, you know, the Legislative branch that makes laws.

Anyways, listen to this…


“The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA was established in the 1970s to inspect workplaces and establish standards to prevent industrial accidents. But starting this summer, the Biden administration gave OSHA a new role. Joe Biden told OSHA to start hiding information from the public to promote the COVID vaccine. Until this summer, OSHA required employers to retain records of any worker who suffered a serious side effect from the vaccine. Then in June, OSHA’s guidance suddenly changed to this quote, OSHA will not enforce federal record recording requirements that require any employers to record worker side effects from COVID-19 vaccination. That was a major change, especially since we’re still learning so much about these vaccines and their possible side effects. Just hours ago, for example, the Telegraph in Britain reported that quote, teenage boys are six times more likely to suffer from heart problems from the vaccine than be hospitalized from COVID-19. And in Israel, where more than 80% of adults are vaccinated, COVID cases are spiking. Israel now has one of the world’s highest daily infection rates. So what explains that? In his remarks to the nation, Joe Biden didn’t answer that. Instead, he put OSHA, the same agency that’s been hiding evidence of vaccine side effects, in charge of forcing millions of Americans to take the COVID vaccine. Joe Biden didn’t even bother to ask Congress. He said the new mandate is justified because COVID is a quote, emergency. Then he walked away without taking questions once again. But let’s look at the facts. On average, more than 98% of COVID-19 patients in the United States survive. That number is well over 99% for every age group, except for the very elderly, whether they’re vaccinated or not.” – Lara Logan

Would this type of thing need to be done if the vaccine was as safe and effective as the ‘experts’ say it is?

People are getting sick and tired of all the BS coming out of the Biden Regime, RINOs, Big Media, Big Tech, and the rest of the globalists…

“Why are Congress and staffers not required to get vaccinated? Why is USPS not required to get vaccinated? Now people who work for CDC are not required to get vax. We need to get rid of the so-called elite.”

“they can all f off and die. no emergency for a 99 percent survival rating.”

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“The only “emergency” is the highjacking of our Whitehouse in 2020.”

“Coronavirus is a common cold, straight from the AMA Encyclopedia of Medicine. Yet the scared sheep will flock to get an unapproved vaccine, and standing 6ft apart and wearing a mask is a satanic ritual… Non-Christians wouldn’t know who Lucifer is although true Christians know who the enemy is… Can’t fix stupid…”

“Covid is not an emergency. The emergency is the CDC, FDA, and WHO aren’t doing research AND blocking research. And Fox also mandated the vaccine, so who cares what they say?”

“Are we waking up yet? Depopulation agenda. Funny how it’s not mandated for Whitehouse staff to take the jab. Wake up!”

“WHY are We The People still sitting on our asses?? RISE UP America!!”

“How about all the hidden deaths from it…and deliberately not counting them as fake vaccine deaths within 14 days of getting it???”

“Not a vaccine.”

“It’s simple. The vaccines are causing covid to spread.” 

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This piece was written by Zach Heilman on September 12, 2021. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com and is used by permission.

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