Former Republican lawmaker Trey Gowdy went on his Fox News show on Sunday night to call out the United States’ government for the ever-changing COVID-19 guidances.

Gowdy was reacting to the CDC once again calling on individuals to wear masks when occupying shared spaces indoors.

“It’s been a long 18 months for country, it seemed like things were getting better and now we don’t know what to think hard and who to trust,” Gowdy said, according to Fox News. “Just so there is no mistake, I have been vaccinated and I will take a booster shot if that is what my physician tells me to do. I’ll get it revaccinated if my doctor advises it, I will wear a mask, even if inconvenient but I will do it if it makes others safer.”

Gowdy went on to say that what he can’t contend “is following the science when the science doesn’t even seem to know where it is going.”

“We hear that phrase a lot. ‘Follow the science.’ And then we hear that science has changed so we need to do something different or maybe even do something that is in complete contradiction to what we were told science wanted us to do last month,” he added. “People want to know the truth and they want to know why.”

Gowdy then called on the CDC and leading health experts to reveal “why are you mandating what you are mandating?”

“Give us the evidence, give us both sides of the argument, convince us you have considered less intrusive means to accomplish the objective. Get rid of the hypocrisy and the politics,” he said. “Do not tell us not to buy my masks or that masks won’t help when the truth is, we need to save his mask for our frontline health workers, tell us the truth. Tell us to wait to get a mask so the doctors and nurses can be protected. We’ll do it.  Just tell us the truth. And don’t tell us where the virus originated if you do not know. And don’t ignore the possibility that the virus originated in a lab in China when you don’t know.”

“And, if you don’t know something, tell us that too. We don’t expect you to be perfect, just be honest. Do not tell us to wear masks on one side of the street but not the other side. Or we can dance at a wedding on the side of the state line but not a few feet away on the other side of the state. That is politics. It is not science… if you want me to follow the science, give me the science,” Gowdy concluded. “And stop mixing it with politics.”