On Saturday night, the former President Barack Obama’s “scaled down” birthday party at his home in Martha’s Vineyard reportedly went off the rails, as celebrity guests were forced to leave early because of a “s–t show” of traffic congestion on the resort island.

Singer John Legend, model wife Chrissy Teigen, and rapper Takeoff were seen leaving Obama’s property just before midnight, according to Fox News. Legend reportedly performed at the event, which it had been claimed was reduced to just “friends and close family” due to COVID-19 concerns.

Many taxis were seen driving onto the property to take staffers home, and a handful of SUVs possibly containing celebrity guests were also seen departing the party. One local police officer was heard describing the vehicle situation in the town of 4,500 as a “s–t show” on his radio as the party began winding down.

Celebrities like Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Steven Spielberg, Bradley Cooper, Don Cheadle, Erykah Badu, Steven Colbert and John Kerry were photographed arriving for the party. Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen reportedly attended the party as well.

Katie Halper, co-host of the “Useful Idiots” podcast, said before the party that Obama was showing how out of touch he is with what Americans are going through by holding it.

“I think that what was kind of offensive about the party, personally, was how much money he was putting into it, so lavish and it seems like a pretty disgusting thing to do especially given how much this country is suffering,” Halper told The Hill.

“The binary of Democrats being responsible on COVID and Republicans being irresponsible, it’s a little bit more complicated,” she added, saying that Democrats see Obama’s legacy as untouchable.

“Obama, they think, has never done anything wrong,” Halper continued. “They never mention the droning program, the surveillance, the bailing out of Wall Street at the expense of Main Street — none of these things matter and he gets to parade around as this exalted, sainted figure because he’s not [former President] Trump.”