Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany spoke out on Friday to say that the Taliban knew that there would be repercussions for their actions under Donald Trump, adding that they see President Joe Biden as weak.

McEnany said this on her Fox News show “Outnumbered” as she responded to Biden blaming Trump’s Taliban deal for the current disaster in Afghanistan.

“Guess what? Joe Biden, it wasn’t President Trump that set this arbitrary deadline,” McEnany said. “That is what one high-level intelligence officer said to me, became a Taliban red line. That was what you did. It wasn’t President Trump that withdrew the military before the civilians. That’s what you did. It wasn’t President Trump that has given a kill list to the Taliban. That’s what you did. It wasn’t President Trump that closed Bagram. That is what you did, and the president of the United States putting his head on that podium. That tells you all you need to know.”

“We used to have a commander in chief, who has General Kellogg described to me, strategically called the head of the Taliban after killing Soleimani, strategically in the second call, said, you kill American troops, and he described to me very graphic language that I can’t repeat because it’s classified,” she added. “But that language the Taliban understood there were repercussions under President Trump. There is weakness from President Joe Biden, who doesn’t deserve the title commander in chief.”

This came days after McEnany blasted Biden and his administration for their handling of the crisis in Afghanistan.

“I’ve got to hand it to the Pentagon press corps. The questions they’ve been asking are in-depth, they’re smart, tough, the type of things the American people want and deserve to know,” McEnany said. “But we’re not getting answers. The only thing we’ve learned out of this is that the Biden administration is really bad at numbers.”

“They can not give us a count of the number of people who died at the airport in Kabul,” she added. “And they can’t give us the number of Americans stranded in Afghanistan, and they can’t give us the number of al Qaeda. It is far more than zero, they don’t have a number.”