Former President Donald Trump niece Mary Trump went on MSNBC on Thursday to throw her uncle under the bus once again, this time claiming that he has turned the Republican Party into a “fascist party.”

“Do you believe that your uncle is a Fascist and that his party, the Republican Party, is now a fascist party?” asked the radically liberal host Joy Reid.

“There’s no doubt about it,” Mary replied. “We need to be very clear about that. Part of the problem, part of the reason we got here, is that we’ve never — and by we, I really do mean the majority, the White Americans honestly, because be the failure to hold powerful men — white men accountable and white supremacy go hand in hand from the beginning of our history.”

“So we need to be very clear with our language because everything really is at stake,” she continued. “By dancing around it, by being polite, people aren’t going to understand that. I’m afraid the Democratic Party doesn’t quite understand that. Because this is nothing new. One of the reasons we’re here is because we have never faced the fact that there have been fascistic tendencies in this country since the beginning. The Jim Crow South was a closed fascist state while America was pretending to be the beacon of democracy for the rest of the world.”

“He’s somebody who’s directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of Americans’ deaths,” Mary concluded. “He’s somebody who’s directly responsible for the kidnapping and incarceration in concentration camps of children. He’s somebody who was willing and continues to be willing to end the American experiment so he can stay in power and he can avoid accountability, which is so necessary. The truth is great. Historical truth is very important, but without accountability, that’s how we get here.”

Mary regularly speaks out against her own family members, regularly throwing them under the bus just to obtain fame and fortune for herself. The liberal media are huge fans of hers, as they love seeing someone with the Trump name speaking out against the former president.