Diminished Respect for and Trust in Medical Profession

For some odd reason, the government doesn’t want you to have the evidence you need to make an informed decision related to CCP virus health care. As a retired police officer who relied on evidence to make decisions, this is troubling—and baffling. As is local medical professionals who aren’t defending their patients publicly en masse.

People need to be sure before putting an experimental mRNA injection into their bodies, right? After all, according to Principia Scientific International, even the “Nuremberg Code outlaws forced medical procedures, including vaccines.” Number one of the ten points of the Nuremberg Code (Directive for Human Experimentation) reads, “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.” In America today, it’s not?

Yet, Biden, Fauci, and even local doctors and nurses, seem to be disregarding this ethical and moral proscription, which was born out of one of the worst atrocities in human history. But We mean well, say the Democrat administration just like all tyrants do—at first.

After all, we’re seeing so many of medical professionals, ostensibly dedicated to doing no harm, complicit in advocating for counterproductive mask mandates, draconian vaccine mandates, and lockdowns absent or contrary to peer-reviewed science. Other Docs and nurses simply sit silently on the sidelines as government tyrants continue to exploit an 18-month healthcare “emergency,” which is harming many patients.

Americans are not idiots. They watch the news and social media. They see the illegal immigrants streaming over the southern border, over 200,000 in July alone—many infected with the CCP virus. They watch as the federal government disperses these folks throughout the U.S. Then Jen Psaki blames the Trump administration for the border mayhem—with a straight face.

Recently, I heard a doctor on local radio doing an ad for a medical center I had previously revered. Seattle Children’s Hospital (SCH) has had a phenomenal reputation. But, in this ad, the doctor encourages any one 12 and older to get the CCP virus mRNA gene therapy injection. He made no advisory for patients to consult their physicians first.

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This even as Americans were learning about one of the inventers of the mRNA injection, Dr. Robert Malone, criticizing the “vaccine” and warning about its dangers. More people would be learning about his concerns, but he’s being censored. Why? He helped create it!

Then I also remember, the medicine is still experimental, and the government is ignoring many people have acquired and natural immunities, and they’re not even checking. Why? No, really… why? It makes no sense. In fact, isn’t this evidence not to get the mRNA injection?

Frequent FOX News guest and KTTH 770 A.M. radio host, Jason Rantz, spoke about SCH’s recent announcement of an “uptick in children experiencing severe COVID cases, which includes kids hospitalized or placed in intensive care,” Rantz says SCH will not respond to his several inquiries to get the numbers.

Rantz notes SCH’s statements are similar to growing public health officials’ narratives across the nation. But, what’s the data, what’s the context, and if there’s truly a surge, what’s the increase? Rantz says SCH officials are refusing to answer. He said he made six requests for information by phone and email over several days.

Rantz says it seems the public data he retrieved shows SCH may be overstating any threat. SCH Pediatric and Intensive Care Unit physician, Dr. John McGuire, explained kids who’ve had to be hospitalized are coming from homes where the parents have not been vaccinated, which also just happens to fit the national leftist narrative. How can we trust that’s true, if they won’t answer questions?

Rantz said Dr. McGuire told KIRO 7 News about the increase in children at SCH needing hospitalization and intensive care. However, Rantz points out something so many Americans are now noticing is missing from so much media reporting, the data. He says not only does SCH not provide details on the increase but also, they won’t even say the number of “children that are being hospitalized.” Why?

Without the context and actual numbers, an increase from 2 to 4 is a 100 percent increase. Rantz says his questions were not “gotcha questions.” They included simply wanting to know details that would validate their statements. In assessing how patients feel about their local doctors, aren’t they right to wonder why doctors at SCH won’t answer simple questions? Why?

Rantz says SCH being “light on the actual data,” while leaning “into anecdotes… should raise a red flag.” He’s not accusing them of lying but perhaps of facilitating a narrative “to help fuel a goal of getting more parents and eligible teens vaccinated.” But is it ethical to deceive, even by omission, people into doing something you happen to believe they should do? The Nuremberg Code says, No!

A verified SCH nurse who, fearing retribution, contacted Rantz anonymously, told him “her hospital beds are getting full, but it’s not due to kids with COVID.” She added three kids were “in isolation, but that ‘doesn’t even mean they are symptomatic, just that they tested positive…” and need to be isolated for whatever other virus reason has them in the hospital.

Simply put, the mask/vaccine/lockdown narratives being promoted or tolerated by local physicians do not match the most reliable publicly available CCP virus data. Once again, how can we trust our doctors who are exaggerating the situation, surrendering, or tacitly or overtly collaborating with government to push a partisan political narrative?

If they truly convinced you that the “vaccine” would save your life, of course you would take it, right? Most of us have taken lots of vaccines—voluntarily. But the authorities haven’t given any solid evidence the average person, without underlying health issues and without having checked for antibodies or natural immunities, should take it. That’s not science?

How can anyone trust local, state, federal, or international health organizations’ lack of scientific data, constant flip-flopping, and coordinated media censorship? Lauding hundreds of thousands of people attending Chicago’s Lalapalooza while condemning the same number of people at the Sturgis’ Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota as a “super spreader.” Oh, wait… Chicago: Democrat. Sturgis: Republican. By the way, neither event was a “super spreader.”

You’ve heard the experts on both sides. If you’re on the political right, you do that. You’ve considered the peer-reviewed studies, especially the censored ones, and have assessed the experts’ information. Your body; your choice. You do you; I do me. You’ve got to figure, if Biden’s legacy and social media militia are censoring eminent physicians and scientists from prestigious universities and hospitals, and their studies, they are likely speaking the truth.

Again, why are local doctors telling patients they need an mRNA injection even if, in some cases, it may do more harm than good? You expect this behavior from politicians, but not from your local doctors and nurses. To be fair, in the nurses’ defense, some 40 percent are reported not “vaccinated.”

While we’ve seen a few inspiring local doctors and nurses speaking out against mask and “vaccine” mandates, there seems mostly an eerie silence. There must be more of them opposed to the mandates than are speaking out. Why aren’t they?

To the medical professionals in towns and cities across the United States, as Hippocrates ostensibly advised physicians, Primum non nocere (First, do no harm).


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Steve Pomper is a retired Seattle police officer. He's served as a field training officer and on the East Precinct Community Police Team. He's the author of four books, including "De-Policing America: A Street Cop's View of the Anti-Police State." He's also a contributor to the National Police Association.

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