Past all the historical hyperbole, you want to know how the Third Reich came to be in 1933? It was installed by the German military and German industrialists. Yes, Hitler won a national election. But he was maneuvered into a position where he could accomplish it by Farben, Krupp, and Thyssen. Not to mention the Reichswehr. Bad things ensued, as those corporate giants thought they could control what they had unleashed. They could not.

We’ve recently had the news that the White House, working with Big Tech, has been censoring Facebook. It has suggested anti-Biden posts for cancelation. So now we have government and corporate giants again working together to stifle liberty. Throw in the planned PC military of Mark Milley and we have a situation we’ve seen before. Hans von Seekckt, call your office.

The nefarious potential is obvious. As in Tinker, to Evers to Chance, the White House targets free speech it objects to, Big Tech kills it, and the PC military is the final guarantor of suppression. Alarmist? Chicken Little stuff?

How many times in history have democracies perished? You don’t have to read Jean Francois Revel to look at the track record. Germany, as mentioned above, South America and Asia for decades stumbling from coup to coup, and Africa still largely devoid of truly representative government. And how many French Republics have their been? Our own Civil War brought this country to the brink. The short-lived Kerensky government in Russia. Yeltsin, also in Russia. Italy until the blackshirts marched. There are more. True, not every one of those examples was a completely fair or equitable democratic order. But the attempts at liberty were usually better than what replaced them.

Human freedom is fragile. The example of mankind since the inception of government has usually been tyranny from a king or emperor or shaman. That’s why the Enlightenment and the United States were such revolutionary developments. Groups of men finally said that government emanates from the consent of the governed. But because of that democracies have the inherent weakness of strife and faction, which makes them ripe fruit for instability and ideological manipulation. Which brings us back to our current unholy triumvirate.

Have we come to a point of no return yet? No. Next year’s midterms could effect a balance and perhaps a rollback of some dangerous trends. A Republican in the White House again could definitely put a stop to much of the protofascist hijinks. However, with these three power centers being, or working to be soon, in the hands of people who are working to transform America into a Marxist state, the prognostication may not be sanguine. We may be headed into Germany in the late 1920s. That was not a good place for freedom or democratic order. As we look around we can clearly see, the seeds have already been laid for that bitter harvest.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on July 19, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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