Former President Donald Trump spoke out on Wednesday to blast President Joe Biden for how he has handled Cuba, calling his policies “very weak” and “from a different planet.”

“I think he’s from a different planet; he doesn’t understand the plight of the people of Cuba,” Trump said of Biden in an interview with Telemundo. “What this administration is doing is just going to prolong it [the Fidel Castro regime].”

“The Obama policy is similar to what they have right now, which is total appeasement, it was helping the administration which is a communist administration… letting them sustain and letting them rule Cuba the way it’s been ruled, and its been ruled viciously and horribly… the people of Cuba know that and the people who were of Cuba and now are of this country, they’ll never forget, they love Cuba … they’re very disappointed by Biden,” Trump continued.

Not stopping there, Trump added that the Cuban regime “may have been over by now” had he not lost the 2020 election.

“Had the election been won by me, the Cuban crisis may have been over by now because they were getting ready to give it up, meaning the so-called leadership in Cuba,” Trump stated emphatically. “I think they just couldn’t have gone on for much longer … A lot of the work that we did with respect to Cuba and freedom for the people is going to be swept under the table by the Biden administration.”

Trump went on to explain that he never considered military intervention in Cuba because he “wouldn’t have needed it” if the Castro regime had collapsed economically, which is what his policies were designed to result in.

“I wouldn’t have needed it [intervention] because they were ready to fold. We stopped a lot of the oil coming in from Venezuela … I don’t think we would’ve needed a military intervention,” Trump said. “I don’t see this administration doing much frankly, such a weak policy towards Cuba and towards Venezuela and, of course, towards Nicaragua.”