Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich went on “Fox & Friends” on Monday morning to fire back at Vice President Kamala Harris after she suggested that rural Americans would not be able to prove their identity in some cases. Gingrich went so far as to say that the arguments that Democrats have been making on this issue have been a “dead loser” politically.

“Part of what has come out of this, which is fascinating, is a whole range of African-American leaders who have said publicly they are insulted that people like Harris think they are too dumb to be able to get an I.D.,” Gingrich said in the Fox News appearance. “And they think they are too dumb to know how to go vote accurately and legally. Remember, this is a period where the city of New York cast 135,000 blank ballots.”

“The average American, including, by the way almost all Democrats, about 85% of the country, believe you should have to have a photo I.D. You should be able to identify who you are,” he added. “You know, most Americans are for everybody who is legal voting. They are for everybody who is legal being counted. … So, I think this is a dead loser for the Democrats. I think they are trapped into it. I have noticed a lot of other Democrats other than the president and vice president have been getting away from the issue.”

“Harris looks like a fool more than a vice president about half the time and I can’t wait for her comments on Cuba, if she knows where the island even is,” Gingrich concluded. “You know and I know, she hasn’t been in an office supply store in her life. She has staff. So she wouldn’t have any idea where office supply stores are. And I would love to know the last time she xeroxed something personally or if she even knows what a Xerox machine is. ”

Democrats don’t seem to realize how insulting their claims about voter ID laws are to the intelligence of millions of Americans. They should not be surprised if and when this entire thing blows up in their faces in the next election.