MSNBC Racist Takes On Bill Maher And Loses

He wins hands down.

Image Credit: Youtube Screenshot

Bill Maher, increasingly under fire from leftists for thinking for himself, had his color thrown at him recently by the usual suspects at MSNBC. Racists, especially minority racists, think they can toss around insults that would make a Kluxer blush and get immunity because of the color of her skin. Wrong. A racist is a racist no matter what their pigment and Tiffany Cross of MSNBC is so bad she might as well have burned a cross of the set of Maher’s show.

FNC: “MSNBC host Tiffany Cross told HBO’s Bill Maher to ‘stay in your lane,’ declaring the ‘Real Time’ host’s ‘angry White man act’ is old and stale because he criticized Lin-Manuel Miranda’s recent apology.

The MSNBC host then played a clip of Maher mocking the ‘Hamilton’ creator who recently issued a statement after being knocked for an apparent lack of diversity in the film adaptation of his musical. Maher, a staunch liberal but frequent critic of the left, urged Miranda to ‘stop apologizing.’ ”

Here is some of her illiterate rant. “Bill Maher has been wack for a long time,” Cross told viewers on Saturday before admitting she didn’t swe the show before slamming it. What a professional. Wind up robot, much?

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“Maybe he said something highly offensive again last night, I don’t know. I stopped suffering through that stale clumsy monologue and painfully out-of-touch show a long time ago,” she said. “But I did see a clip segment of him complaining [about] Lin-Manuel Miranda apologizing for the lack of Afro-Latino representation in his movie ‘In the Heights. Bill Maher, you do not get to tell people of color what they should, or should not, be offended by. Stay in your lane, slim,” Cross said. “This old, angry White man act is so played.”

Cross also said Maher has “mostly White” panels, “where he sings sob songs to them about the perils of the shrinking demographic and chides anyone who falls even slightly outside of his myopic, privileged view.” Notice how many times she brings up his race and even the race of his guests. And who is the racist? MSNBC has become the cable channel for racist blacks and guilty liberal whites, hence why their ratings are in the gutter.

And what’s got her in such a twist? This, where Maher absolutely wins the day with his righteous indignation over another celebrity crawling to abase themselves before the PC Left.

Maher: “Please, stop apologizing. You’re the guy who made the Founding Fathers Black and Hispanic! I don’t think that you have to apologize to Twitter! For f—‘s sake. This is why people hate Democrats.”

“I mean, he’s a Latino making a Latino movie with a Latino cast — not good enough! Nothing is ever good enough for these people! They’re like children. We don’t raise our children right and it’s reflected in the media. No one ever tells their children, ‘Shut the f— up, sit down, listen to your elders, stop b—-ing.’” Bingo. Exactly right.

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