On Thursday’s episode of the ABC talk show “The View,” cohost Joy Behar had yet another bizarre meltdown against Republicans, this time accusing them of driving America into a “new version of the dark ages.”

“Earlier this week, Tennessee fired their top vaccine official for giving guidance on taking the vaccine for teenagers,” cohost Whoopi Goldberg said to kick off the segment. “And now, you know, as the U.S. surgeon general issues a dire warning of the urgent threat posed by anti-vax misinformation. The state just doubled down by halting all teen outreach on vaccinations for any disease.”

“Now is this the smartest way to go, do you think, Joy?” Goldberg asked. “Or should they, you know, really sort of go by a case-by-case basis? There’s some vaccines you have to take. What do you think, Joy?”

This was all Behar needed to completely drive this segment off the rails with yet another deranged anti-Republican rant.

“Well, it’s just, it’s all political,” Behar said. “I know that Republicans are nostalgic for the ’50s. I didn’t know it was the 1850s. We are entering what I see as a new version of the dark ages thanks to the Republican Party. I believe that. They don’t want our kids to get vaccinated. They’re all getting vaccinated. Everybody on Fox has been vaccinated. You can be sure. Donald Trump has.”

“They lie about the vaccine,” she continued. “They put out false information about the vaccine. They want to roll back voting rights despite no evidence of fraud. They’re afraid of history, especially when it comes to slavery. They deny climate change even though we’re up to 135 degrees in Fahrenheit in some parts of this country. They insist on lying about the election. They called the insurrection at the Capitol a tourism event.”

“The party is driving our country into the dark ages, right back to some kind of Neanderthal period,” Behar concluded. “I am worried about it, very, very worried. This is another example of this type of political maneuvering against science.”

Check out the full segment below.