Trey Gowdy spoke out on Sunday night to send a brutal message to Americans who love to disrespect our flag, reminding them that they should remember “those who would give everything they have” to be here and have our freedoms.

Gowdy began his monologue on Fox News by calling out the irony that protesters in Cuba proudly display the American flag while protesters in the United States burn it.

“We’ve seen images from Haiti, Cuba and Afghanistan, images of people in other countries carrying our American flag as they fight to secure their own fundamental freedoms,” he said. “We see images from our own country of our flag burned or shunned. We hear countries calling for U.S. to send our police, our soldiers to help them even as there are calls here-by our own politicians-to denigrate the same institutions. We’re asked to keep peace in parts of the world that some of us can’t even find on a map, even as some police struggle to keep the peace on their very own streets.”

Gowdy went on to say that the U.S. is one of the few places where people are even allowed to disrespect the flag in that way.

“America is one of those rare nations where you are free to even burn your own flag. You are free to turn your back on your own flag. Even as you are vying to compete on the world stage under that same flag,” he explained. “America is a country where you are not only free to call for the police and the military to be defunded but you will be protected by police and military while you call for them to be defunded. America is a rare experiment in freedom where you can criticize the very country which gave you the very freedom to criticize is in the first place.”

Not stopping there, Gowdy added that traveling to other countries around the world only made him more appreciative of the freedoms that we have here.

“I have been to Africa, Europe, Middle East, South America, Central America, when you travel you sometimes see things differently, you gain a new perspective, you experience the beauty of the other countries and their cultures, and experience almost universal kindness people give you, you have a sense of history, this duel sense of how small you are and how interconnected the world circumstance but most of all, but you grow to appreciate America more,” he said. “There are people who risk their lives to come here, they would give everything they have and own to live here, there are people who would say good-bye to their own children or parents to live in America, we won the lottery by being here.”

Gowdy ended his monologue by sending a message to those who continue to disrespect America on a daily basis.

“So yes, if you are an American, you are free to turn your back on the flag. You are free to burn it you are free to walk on and disrespect it and wear it on your uniform in a sporting events,” he concluded. “You are free to call for police to be defunded even as the police protect you, your home and your place of business. You are free to call for the military to be defunded, even as the military serves and sacrifices and sometimes dies to defend your rights. You are free to do it. You are just wrong to do it.”