Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) went on CNN on Sunday to tell host Jim Acosta that he still believes the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

“What are your thoughts on associating yourself with the former president after he gave that speech on January 6 and provoked an insurrection at the capitol?” Acosta asked. “Why associate yourself with him?”

“Well, I think, Jim, you and I both know that I completely disagree with that assertion,” Cawthorn responded. “The complete premise of that question is that he invoked an insurrection. I don’t believe that’s what happened whatsoever. I think he spoke at a rally. What happened on January 6 is despicable, and people should be prosecuted that broke the law. But I genuinely don’t think there was any provocation from anybody who spoke that day.”

“But he had been telling the big lie for weeks, and he continues to lie about the election,” Acosta argued. “Why continue to associate? Why not find another standard-bearer for the party? Maybe you could be a standard-bearer for the party down the road.”

“You know what, I do look forward to being the future of the Republican Party, but I will tell you, I think Donald Trump is leading the way on that,” Cawthorn fired back. “And you know, I think you and I know that we have a complete disagreement. I do believe the election was stolen …”

“You still believe the election was stolen?” Acosta interrupted, at which time Cawthorn doubled down by saying, “I still believe the election was stolen.”

“Where is the proof of that?” Acosta asked.

“[T]here is plenty of proof if you look through Wisconsin, if you look through a lot of the states that I personally contested,” Cawthorn replied.

“It was all rejected by the courts, including Trump-appointed judges and the Supreme Court,” Acosta noted, at which time Cawthorn said, “I believe the judicial system failed us.”

Cawthorn is seen to be a rising star in the Republican Party. It will be interesting to see what he does in the years to come.