Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) went on Fox News on Tuesday morning to issue a chilling warning to Americans everywhere about the consequences regarding President Joe Biden and his administration’s handling of the U.S.-Mexico border. Cammack went so far as to say that thanks to Biden, “every single town in America is a border town.”

“I am terrified,” Cammack said of the current border crisis. “This is something that keeps me up at night and should keep every American up at night because in the face of this border crisis, every single town in America is a border town.”

“Let me repeat that,” she added. “Every town in America is a border town, and we know that — not just from the illegals that have been apprehended and released into the communities but the narcotics. If you look at narcotics that have been confiscated at the border, it’s enough to kill every man, woman, and child in the state of Florida nine times over just this year. And that is just fentanyl. This is a crisis of epic proportions.”

“Seventy percent of those talked to that are being apprehended and released back into the United States, they are destined for Florida,” Cammack conitnued. “In my district alone, I just returned from the border with six sheriffs from our area, and they are already seeing people being placed; they’re seeing an increase in crime from the actions of this administration, the overdoses that are taking place. You know, we lost 93,000 Americans last year to overdoses. That number is going to skyrocket, and we are already seeing that.”

Not stopping there, Cammack proceeded to double down on previous comments that she made that the border is the “most expensive welcoming party.”

“You cannot begin to protect your hometowns if we can’t defend the homeland, and that starts with border security,” she said.

In the few months since Biden took office, the border situation has gotten completely out of control, and even many Democrats can no longer argue that there is no crisis there.