On Tuesday’s episode of his CNN show, host Don Lemon whined about Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) as he reacted to the Republican’s fiery exchange with White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci over federal funding of gain of function research.

Needless to say, Lemon did not take Paul’s side in this situation.

“[T]he misinformation keeps spreading, even — or especially on Capitol Hill. That’s where the Delta variant has been detected, prompting the Capitol doctor to urge members to get vaccinated and to consider masking up,” Lemon said. “That as one of the chief vaccine deniers, Sen. Rand Paul, well he tried to make Dr. Anthony Fauci into his personal punching bag today as they went head to head over the senator’s bogus claims that the National Institutes of Health somehow played a role in funding research that led to the origins of the pandemic and Dr. Fauci was definitely not having it.”

Lemon then played a clip of the exchange before continuing on with his rant.

“What is wrong with Rand Paul? Seriously,” Lemon continued. “I know that’s what you at home are thinking. Because I’m thinking the same thing. What’s wrong with him? What is he trying to prove? There’s nothing to prove there, and he keeps embarrassing himself. Rand Paul, stop it. You look like an idiot. The lying, the misinformation, it’s why we can’t bridge the political gap even though our lives are at stake, and you still have people who are acting like Rand Paul.”

Paul went on Fox News on Tuesday night to say that he will send a letter to the Department of Justice asking for a criminal investigation of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“I will be sending a letter to Department of Justice asking for a criminal referral because he has lied to Congress. We have scientists that were lined up by the dozens to say that the research he was funding was gain-of-function,” Paul said. “He’s doing this because he has a self interest to cover his tracks and to cover his connection to Wuhan lab.”