CNN’s Ana Navarro Claims Republicans Are ‘Hypocritical’ For ‘Wrapping Themselves In Flags’ While Supporting Trump

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CNN host Ana Navarro just outrageously claimed that it is “hypocritical” for Republicans to both support former President Donald Trump and celebrate America.

“After the insurrection for a brief moment, GOP leadership moved on from Trump, but now they seem ready to put him front and center for the campaign coming up in 2022,” said host Jim Acosta. “I saw this during his border visit in Texas. It was just sort of odd to see they are all still glomming onto him. What is going on?”

“You know, I think they have chosen to put all their steaks and all their eggs in the basket of Trump,” Navarro replied. “Worship at the altar of Trump. You know, it’s so hypocritical and so unseemly and unstatesmanlike. Today I was really trying not to have my eyes roll to the back of my head as I read posts from some of these same GOP elected officials who voted against the bipartisan commission threatening our democracy. An insurrection against the peaceful transfer of power, which is such a key part of our Constitution and our government and our democracy.”

“And yet here they are wrapping themselves in flags, putting up pictures of the statue of liberty and wishing everybody a happy Fourth of July. If you want to stand up for what this country stands for, stand up for democracy,” she added. “And denounce what happened on Jan. 6. Don’t go to the border and even avoid a vote. I can’t think of anything more cowardly and hypocritical than what happened this week.”

Navarro is a woman who claims to be a former Republican, despite seemingly to never say anything that sounds like it comes from anyone who was ever a conservative in their life.

She’s made a living off of insulting Trump and his supporters over the past four years, and despite the fact that he is now out of office, it doesn’t seem like she has any intention of stopping.

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