The situation on the southern border has gotten so bad that states are picking up the slack of an irresponsible federal government.

In fact, as public safety and secure borders are perhaps two of the paramount responsibilities of a national government, Texas and other states that follow suit have a good argument towards de facto independence, as they are already acting exclusive to and in a more responsible fashion than the federal government. Governor Gregg Abbott of Texas is leading the charge with a massive $250 million dollar down payment on the Texas border wall.

FNC: “Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday formally announced that Texas will build its own border wall, as he accused the Biden administration of abandoning its responsibility to protect the southern U.S. border. Abbott also announced a $250 million down payment to begin the project, allowing the state to hire a project manager and get the task underway. He said that it would be built on a combination of state land and donations of private land, and be partly funded by donations. The Dallas Morning News later reported that the down payment will come from the state’s Department of Criminal Justice. More than 450 miles of border wall, including in Texas, was built during the Trump administration. That construction was suddenly halted by the Biden administration shortly after President Biden took office. Opponents of wall construction said it was cruel and ineffective, while proponents said it was a vital part of a border strategy to stop the flow of illegal immigration. Critics of the Biden administration, including Abbott, have accused the federal government of encouraging the recent surge in illegal migration to the border with ‘open border’ policies like stopping wall construction and rolling back Trump-era policies like the Migrant Protection Protocols.”

“Today we are announcing that Texas will build a border wall in our state to help secure our border,” Abbott said at a press conference. My belief, based upon conversations that I’ve already had, is a combination of state land as well as volunteer land will yield hundreds of miles to build a wall in the state of Texas. Make no mistake, the border crisis that we’re dealing with right now is a direct result of the open border policies that have been put in place by the Biden administration,” he said.

“Homes are being invaded, neighborhoods are dangerous and people are being threatened on a daily basis with guns by people coming across the border or those working with those coming across the border,” Abbott said. Abbott further stated that the Biden administration “has abandoned its responsibility to apply federal law to secure the border and enforce the immigration laws. In the federal government’s absence, Texas is stepping up to get the job done.”