On Wednesday morning’s episode of “The View,” conservative cohost Meghan McCain called out the fact that Google’s head of Diversity Kamau Bobb had not being fired after a story broke in which he made offensive comments about Jewish people. McCain went so far as to say that keeping Bobb around “says that Google’s OK with a little bit of soft antisemitism.”

“The Washington Free Beacon broke the story of an antisemitic post from global’s head of diversity strategy. His name is Kamau Bobb,” cohost Whoopi Goldberg said. “He claims that Jewish people have an ‘insatiable appetite for war and killing.’ This post is from 2007. Bobb and Google have yet to comment on it. What do you want to hear in a statement from Google? I mean, who did the background checks? We always say people will check your stuff. How did they miss this, Meghan?”

“I don’t know. They’re Google. They should have googled him,” McCain fired back. “I want you to imagine if this statement was about Black people, Asian people, LGBTQ people, any minority has ‘an insatiable appetite for war and killing and an insensitivity to peoples suffering.’ This man is in charge of diversity at Google. So if you’re a Jewish employee of Google, I can’t imagine how you feel.”

“We’re seeing huge numbers of rises of antisemitic hate crimes,” she added. “It’s strange to me that Google, who espouses itself to be the most progressive, most inclusive companies on planet earth that you have a head of diversity that if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it looks like you probably hate Jews, or at the very least, have some serious issues with your antisemitic rhetoric. I’m quite frankly exhausted by having the conversation over and over about why antisemitism is the last passable form of bigotry in the United States of America.”

“Our ancestors weren’t out fighting Nazis to have this anti-Semitism seeping its way back into the American lexicon,” McCain concluded. “Google, I implore you just put out a statement. If they said this about Black people, or Asian people, or LGBT people, he would be fired already. And he’s not, which says that Google’s OK with a little bit of soft antisemitism.”

Check out her full comments below.