Kelly Tshibaka, the Republican who is challenging incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) in Alaska, released her first television ad of this election cycle on Monday. In the ad, Tshibaka opens up about growing up in Alaska, saying that her parents were able to rise from homelessness to middle class in the state in the 1970s.

“Growing up wasn’t always easy,” she said. “My mom and dad were homeless, surviving in a canvas tent. But tough times made me who I am today. I’m a conservative. Pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and America First. Always. We’re raising our five kids with those same Alaska values.”

“The insiders don’t like me because I spent my career exposing taxpayer fraud and abuse,” Tshibaka continued. “That’s okay. I’m not running for them. I’m running for you.”

This comes after Tshibaka blasted Murkowski for abandoning the Alaskan people, accusing her about being more concerned with Washington insiders than her own constituents.

“She’s been voting with them, hurting our way of life, and she’s not standing up to the radical Biden administration while they kill our oil and gas jobs,” she said back in April. “She’s voted to allow illegal immigrants to come into our country. Even if they commit crime, they can stay here. She was the deciding vote to keep Obamacare and that means higher healthcare costs and fewer healthcare choices for us in Alaska. We have some of the highest healthcare costs in the country.”

“She votes against common-sense judges that keep and protect our Second Amendment rights,” Tshibaka continued, adding that Murkowski was one of the Republicans who voted in favor of impeaching Donald Trump for a second time earlier this year.

“So, for all of those reasons, we are absolutely fed up with Lisa Murkowski. She was censured by the Alaska Republican Party, and they said inside our borders she’s not allowed to be called a Republican anymore,” she explained. “I want to go to the Senate and I want to fight for Alaska.”

Murkowski has also said that “people who formerly supported Lisa Murkowski, formerly worked on her campaign, they’re all defecting and lining up” behind her campaign “because they understand Lisa Murkowski represents the D.C. elite, the D.C. insiders, [and] the Biden administration.”

“Our economy was crippled on day one when Joe Biden targeted and attacked our oil and gas jobs. They’re pushing all these headlines across the United States saying the economy is rebounding, the nation is on the move,” she said. “No. Alaska’s in a meltdown, and our economy is struggling.”

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Tshibaka then said that Murkowski’s father “literally gave her his Senate seat when he appointed her to that seat when he became governor.”

“And we’ve had a Murkowski in that seat for 40 years. That seat doesn’t belong to someone named Murkowski,” Tshibaka said. “It belongs to Alaska, and we need that vote to vote for Alaskans. That’s why I’m running.”