Historic Republican Victory, HR1 Defeated In The Senate

It's McConnell to the rescue, again.

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Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky showed why he is the undisputed leader of the congressional Republican Party as he, with quiet effective legislative skill, killed the infamous HR1/S1, an election rigging bill which was of the highest priority for Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and the rest of the Democrats. McConnell held his caucus together and the Democrats could not get the 60 votes to end the GOP filibuster.

The bill would have given Democrats control of elections at most levels and instituted cheating in their favor. It was a Democrat attempt to head off defeat and loss of Congress in next year’s midterms. But Republicans ended their hopes of perpetual power in a historic victory that preserves the integrity of American elections.

FNC: “Senate Republicans Tuesday blocked sweeping legislation on election and campaign finance reforms that Democrats said is crucial is ensuring voting rights and saving democracy but Republican blasted as a partisan federal takeover of elections. The ‘For the People Act’ needed 60 votes to clear a procedural vote in the Senate Tuesday, but Republicans filibustered and killed the legislation from advancing to debate. No Republicans joined with the 50 Democrats on the motion to proceed.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Republicans won’t stand for Democrats’ attempt to impose new voting standards on states that would ‘rig’ elections in their favor. He called the substance of the nearly 900-page bill ‘rotten’ to its core. Republicans took issue with imposing federal standards on state elections that they said would weaken state ID requirements. They also oppose starting a new public financing system for congressional elections and politicizing the Federal Elections Commission that enforces campaign finance laws.”

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Democrats put the heavy push on this one, only to be thrashed in the Senate. “Democracy is in peril, here, in America,” Joe Biden’s said in an overwrought statement Tuesday. “The right to vote – a sacred right in this country – is under assault with an intensity and an aggressiveness we have not seen in a long time.” True Joe. But it was defeated by the GOP.

Chuck Schumer talked big until he had to eat his words. “Republicans across the country are deliberately targeting all the ways that younger, poorer, nonwhite and typically Democratic voters access the ballot,” Schumer said Tuesday. “Republicans claim they’re making it easier to vote and harder to cheat in an election; but in reality, they are making it harder to vote and easier to cheat an election.”

Yes, the schadenfreude is delicious here, as the Democrats fail in their attempt to grab power. It also signals that regardless of their majorities they will not have complete power even during the first two years of the Biden administration. Thank Mitch McConnell for this. His canny talent has yet again saved the nation from calamity.

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