Conservative Pundit Says After Disastrous G7, Biden’s Late Stage Dementia Could Start a War

This could be a ticking time bomb

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As you likely know by now, Joe Biden’s G7 Summit was an unmitigated disaster.

There was a slew of Joe blunders, and he aimlessly wandered around a lot. He was confused, befuddled, and seemed dazed and out of it half the time.

It was bad…and as usual, our media said nothing as this disaster unfolded before everyone’s eyes.


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And while there were a whole slew of mess ups, there was one in particular that really got to people.

It was the part where Joe didn’t know what country he was talking about…

He was supposed to be having a serious discussion about “Syria,” but he called it “Libya.”

And he didn’t just do it once – he did it three times and he never once corrected himself.



Later in the day his staff came out and said that Biden meant “Syria” not Libya.

What an absolute foreign policy catastrophe.

Just imagine if Trump had done this…the media would have been frothing at the mouth, and every Tom, Dick, and Harry would be calling for the 25th Amendment until their faces turned blue.

However, when Biden does it, they say nothing – I saw one Political headline that called Biden’s G7 a “political victory”… and they wonder why we don’t trust them?

Well, the American people have eyes and ears and they know what’s going on with Joe…he’s deteriorated so much, so quickly, the Handlers just can’t hide this stuff anymore.

Conservative pundit John Cardillo was horrified by what he watched unfold at the G7, and Cardillo pointed out in a series of tweets that the 25th Amendment actually should be used in this case, because if Joe’s dementia behavior keeps up, he is going to get us into a war.

Take a look:

“After watching the G7 Biden videos, there has never been a more necessary time to invoke the 25th Amendment.

Biden’s dementia is going to start a war and get far too many people killed.

And how disgusting are his corporate media sycophants engaged in the health coverup?”

“It’s not a stutter.

It’s late stage dementia.”

“He’s going to say or do something that’s going to get a lot of people killed.”

John is right.

We need the GOP to get off their duffs and call out this outrageously dangerous behavior.

This is not a joke and it’s not our imagination, either. Joe Biden is clearly a sick man, and needs medical help.

This piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com and is used by permission.

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