Former MSNBC host Chris Matthews went on “Meet The Press” on Sunday to claim that former President Donald Trump was not “honest” with his claim that he won the 2020 presidential race, and that his “followers” knew it.

“[T]he fact is, Donald Trump lost the election,” Matthews said. “He lost it by seven million people, seven million votes. The last time, he lost by four million votes. The electoral college vote was the same as he got when he lost, when he won last time, 302. The facts are there.”

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“Every political phenomenon I’ve ever followed since I was a kid was somebody wins, somebody loses,” he added. “But the loser — and this is the deal we never thought would ever happen — the loser has to say, “I lost.” Just like in tag, you got me. I’m it, you’re it, whatever. You’re out. You’re out. You know, it’s a strike. I’m sorry. We live on the basic facts of life.”

“Somebody wins, somebody –– the concession speech is maybe the best thing in politics because it’s when the losers say, ‘Damn it, I lost,’” he added. “Hillary Clinton did it, Mitt Romney did it, John McCain, John Kerry, Al Gore. We’ve watched it every four years. Honest people honestly accept facts. This president –– this former president, I should say, is not honest. And therefore, he’s taking the cheap route so that all his followers will say, ‘Yeah, he won.’ They know he didn’t win.”

This came days after Matthews claimed that pro-Trump Republicans don’t “understand democracy.”

“This crowd doesn’t understand democracy,” he said during an MSNBC appearance. “If you ask the average Republican who likes Trump do you really want the majority to rule in this country? Simple question. Do you think majority of American citizens should rule this country?”

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“A simple democracy vote, question. Do you think they’re going to say yes? No. They are going to say, let’s reduce the number of minority voters. Let’s reduce the number of young voters while we’re at it,” Matthews added. “By the way Trump knows he lost. He lost the Electoral College. He lost Pennsylvania. He lost Wisconsin. He lost Michigan. I’m sorry Mr. President, you’re not Mr. President anymore. You got to wake up.”