The traveling cavalcade of mortification that is the Biden administration landed in the United Kingdom on Thursday and proceeded to make the Brits glad we left them over two centuries ago.

Joe Biden was clueless, wandering around on a stage like a dazed Methuselah. First Lady Jill Biden, doing her best Edith Wilson imitation, had to admonish him to focus and remember where he was. And this guy has his finger on the button.

But the worst faux pas, the worst injury to our national reputation, had to do with Jill Biden’s apparel. Like some 1970s teenager, she sported a jacket with the word “love” embroidered in sequins on the back. Her disco skank wardrobe likely did not go over well with discerning Brits of any stripe. Worse yet, she told a nation of understated adults who famously and wonderfully keep their emotions in check that she was bringing love and unity.

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What the hell did she even mean by that? Is it now the policy of the US government that executive branch spouses will emote all over innocent foreign nationals? Is she a roadie for a flower power music group or an adult representing the US at the highest level? And unity? I thought they were all about diversity? Unity under what? America, democracy, capitalism? Oh sure, we tried to export those concepts to Iraq and look how well that turned out.

What Jill Biden actually is, along with her confused husband, is an embarrassment to the United States of America. Both of these idiots better get their act together before they visit Her Majesty at Windsor. The Queen will take a dim view of their airhead histrionics if they continue.

FNC: “First lady Jill Biden on Thursday said President Biden is ‘over prepared’ for his first overseas trip since taking office, ahead of summits and face-to-face meetings in Europe with allies and other world leaders. The first lady traveled with the president to the United Kingdom on Wednesday, and is set to participate in a number of events. Sporting a jacket with the word ‘love’ printed on the back, told reporters the Bidens are ‘bringing love from America, trying to bring unity across the globe.’ First Lady Jill Biden prodded President Biden to focus on her speech during a lighthearted moment at an event marking the start of the first overseas trip of his presidency on Wednesday. The first lady told military service members stationed at Royal Air Force Mildenhall in the United Kingdom to be seated during her brief remarks at the event. The president turned to acknowledge soldiers located behind the stage, prompting the first lady to redirect his attention to the podium. ‘Joe, pay attention,’ the first lady said.” Dear Gawd.

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