Thought Police Attack NY Teacher Over George Floyd Death

Floyd didn't die from anything police did. But we're not supposed to say that.

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The leftist Thought Police want a teacher fired because she dared to speak the truth on the George Floyd death. But when teachers teach hatred of this country, well, that’s okay with them.

FNC: “A New York high school teacher is under fire after she told students George Floyd died of a heart attack and drug overdose. English teacher Hope Antonelli made the claim about Floyd as part of a ninth-grade English assignment on Friday, The Times Herald-Record reported. Superintendent Kirk Reinhardt said a student told them they were uncomfortable with the assignment on Friday. It wasn’t clear how many students had been given the assignment.”

The assignment asked students to “create a bold topic/thematic sentence: George Floyd did not die because (Derek) Chauvin’s knee was on his neck,” said the assignment. The statement met the goal. It is also a statement of fact. Every medical report has said Floyd died from drugs and a heart attack because of those drugs. What Chauvin did was wrong. But it did not cause Floyd’s death.

“He died from a heart attack and drug overdose. However, because Chauvin used excessive force and failed to render aid, he was convicted on all three counts by a jury of his peers. (Arrest was over a counterfeit $20 bill).” This statement was also part of the assignment.

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The assignment also stated juror Brandon Mitchell said he denied being involved in BLM or protesting against the officers in the case in any form. Mitchell lied. He attended a BLM rally and there are pictures of him in BLM swag.

“New evidence has surfaced that he could not have been forthcoming in his statements,” the assignment reads. “Should the Derek Chauvin case be retried because of Brandon Mitchell. Why or Why Not?” It obviously should and very well may be. Either way it is a legitimate question to pose in a class exercise. It is an open question on current events. How is it at all inappropriate? Would a question on other aspects of the case be inappropriate? Of course not. The only reason this is controversial is because it tells the truth in the face of a false leftist narrative.

Parent Sakinah Irizarry told press the assignment was wrong because of the experience it referenced. “Even if we were not talking about this case, specifically, it takes the death of a person, I’d say, from a very cold and distant point of view,” she said. No it doesn’t. It treats it as a legitimate topic related to current events.

“I keep coming back to empathy. It is not an empathetic point of view of a person who died, it is blaming a person who’s died for their own death,” she added. “That chips away at empathy.” So, if a person is actually responsible for their death, as was Floyd, we’re supposed to ignore the truth to spare the feelings of this woman? Utter bosh. It’s a dishonest and lachrymose view of a legitimate question. Not exactly a proper outlook for an adult.

David Kamioner
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