The interesting part about conspiracy theories is that sometimes they are actually true. For months, disregarded by the press, rumors have been circulating in DC about a dark money conspiracy to keep schools closed. The Biden administration, the CDC, and the American Federation of Teachers were the culprits. Most ignored it and chalked it up to tinfoil hat activists. But, guess what…

FNC: “A government accountability group is launching a $1 million advertisement campaign against President Biden and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) after it was revealed the agency regularly communicated with a prominent teachers union regarding school reopenings.

“Americans for Public Trust (APT) launched a million-dollar ad campaign going after Biden and the CDC after it was recently revealed the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) lobbied the organization on school reopenings. According to a script exclusively obtained by Fox News, the ad, called ‘Science,’ opens with a clip of Biden telling Americans to ‘listen to the scientists’ and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci saying to get ‘children back to school.’ ”

“We know schools are safe,” a voice-over in the ad says. “But Biden and his CDC secretly worked with the teachers unions to keep schools closed.” The ad hits Biden and the CDC for “sacrificing kids” and keeping them out of school, saying Biden is trying to “pay back liberal dark money groups.”

“Teachers unions gave him a record amount of money. Science?” it continues. “No…With Biden – it’s always about dark money,” the spot finishes.


The website in the ad slams Biden for “immediately” favoring groups that “spent a record amount of dark money” to elect him. “Top operatives who ran dark money groups are now working in the White House, and the extremist groups that got him elected are already seeing their policy wish list take effect. It’s only the beginning of dark money running the Biden administration.”

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“Joe Biden has become the dark money president to the great detriment of students, parents and teachers alike,” APT outside counsel and former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt told press. Laxalt said emails in the possession of APT “clearly show the CDC politicized science under pressure” from “both a teachers union and a dark money group.”

Laxalt said kids were “already suffering from distance learning” and were stranded at home while “exasperated parents were lied to,” and good teachers who wanted to return to the classroom “were forced to stay distant from their students.”

“Biden is putting the interests of dark money special interests over those of parents, students and teachers,” Laxalt said. “The dark money groups pull the strings and the American people are suffering the consequences.” Another reason why teachers unions should be immediately outlawed.