Project Veritas Slams CNN And New York Times

James O'Keefe is a conservative hero.

James O’Keefe is the best investigative journalist in America today. Because he is a conservative he’s been targeted by CNN and the New York Times. But O’Keefe is fighting back. It’s in the courts now and O’Keefe may come out on top. If so, that will be sweet justice.

FNC: “Project Veritas founder and President James O’Keefe spoke out Wednesday about his investigative journalism organization’s suit against CNN and the New York Times for defamation, telling Fox News he is confident in his ability to prove actual malice from a CNN anchor – while alleging ‘collusion’ between Big Tech firms and the two left-leaning news outlets. O’Keefe alleged that he can prove Ana Cabrera indicted herself when she invoked Project Veritas in a February comment on-air about Twitter cracking down on ‘the spread of misinformation’. Project Veritas was, in actuality, punished for alleged policy violations involving sharing of private information, an allegation O’Keefe refutes.

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“In Project Veritas’ suit against the Times, New York State Supreme Court Justice Charles Wood denied the Times Square-based outlet’s motion to dismiss in regard to their portrayal of O’Keefe’s coverage of alleged voter fraud in Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn’s, Minneapolis district.”

“The facts submitted by Veritas could indicate more than standard, garden variety media bias and support a plausible inference of actual malice,” Wood opined in his March ruling.

O’Keefe comments, “We have been lied about by the New York Times. We sued for defamation. We won [against a] motion to dismiss in the New York Supreme Court – a huge, historic victory on that motion. And a lot of people are coming to us. They have been lied about and defamed. Every day people are defamed in this country by the media…The collusion between Twitter, Google, Facebook, CNN and the New York Times. So we have to expose that and Project Veritas did the video on [CNN Technical Director], Charlie Chester, saying that his network is propaganda…Twitter banned us for reporting what he said. But, I don’t think we can lose if we fight back, go on offense, and have the courage to stay on offense — so we sued New York Times, we are suing CNN. We are suing Twitter and we just launched a new initiative to represent other people to sue for defamation.”

“There is this oligarchy there – a connection – and we’re going to get past motion to dismiss in the CNN lawsuit — and depose Ana Cabrera and Brian Stelter at CNN.” If they do the insects that will crawl out from under that rock will expose both CNN and the Times to the kind of public and legal proctology exam they have attempted to give to O’Keefe and Project Veritas. However, with a likely far different outcome.

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