I salute your dedication to edification if you are actually reading this piece after reading a headline that could have been used exactly as written for over a year. Thus Saturday leftist miscreants took to the streets of Portland and law enforcement showed admirable restraint. Ho hum.

Has rioting become the official city pastime? Is it now blase to both cops and rioters? Is it like the old Chuck Jones cartoon featuring Sam the Sheepdog and Ralph the Wolf, antagonists who are cordial with each other until they punch in for work? Then they are foes until they punch out and bid each other a friendly goodbye. Is it Carl the Cop and Mike the Marxist?

After rioting, do they go out and get a beer and compare notes? I would. I mean, you shouldn’t let a worldwide Marxist plot to destroy the Western world and everything we hold dear get in the way of having a beer with a coworker, right?

FNC: “Portland protests on May Day devolved into a riot overnight when about 100 people engaged in ‘autonomous demonstrations’ near an ICE facility and police made at least six arrests, including for one individual who allegedly was menacing officers with a knife.

The police took to Twitter to post several pictures of the damage to stores in the area. Three Starbucks had their windows shattered and a Hilton in the city was tagged with graffiti. Police also posted what appeared to be an instruction pamphlet on how to make a slingshot with a sling and a hammer.

The report said targeted arrests were made and by about 11 p.m., the group dissolved. The station reported that a separate group clashed with federal authorities stationed at the city’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement building. The clash reportedly led to officers firing pepper ball rounds.

Several demonstrations happened on May 1 around Portland that remained peaceful, the Portland Police Bureau said in a statement, but one devolved into a riot and downtown businesses were damaged.”

“We appreciate those who engaged in their First Amendment rights this afternoon in a peaceful manner. Once again, under the cover of darkness, several dozen people decided to damage and destroy multiple businesses in our downtown area resulting in a riot,” Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell said in a statement. “The situation became extremely dangerous when a man brandished a knife at officers when officers were simply doing their job. The officers appear to have exercised restraint and professionalism and safely apprehended this suspect. I am proud of all of our employees who worked to minimize further damage and arrest some of the criminals involved.” The chief probably has a press release template he sends out after he changes the dates. Yawn.