The closest thing this nation has to Churchill, Newt Gingrich is the former leader of a conservative parliamentary majority and an excellent historian, compares the Trump and Biden administrations and sees a storm coming in response to the Biden regime.

Gingrich: “Washington reality reflects the fevered conversation over lunch, cocktails, and dinner between the Washington press corps, lobbyists, and government officials. Washington reality reflects the narcissistic self-absorption of the Imperial Capital.

“Rep. Liz Cheney’s fate consumes days and days of gossip and speculation. Is her dismissal as House Republican Conference Chair a sign of House Republican unity or an alienating event that will weaken the GOP? House dictator Nancy Pelosi’s fight over wearing masks with pro-freedom Republicans is a major chapter in the evolution of Washington. Washington says when 35 House Republicans bolt to vote with Democrats for the Pelosi Commission to investigate Jan. 6, it brings into question Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy’s control of the House GOP. Of course, when McCarthy gets Senate Republicans to agree to block the investigation, it highlights Speaker Pelosi’s partisanship and failure. Which narrative is more important? All these Washington-centered conversations are like a mild spring rain behind which a mammoth hurricane is building.

“That hurricane is the concerns and attitudes of the American people over what’s happening in the American reality. The fiercest band of the hurricane is the looming acceleration of inflation. One report compared the average price of various commodities in May 2020 under President Donald Trump to those in May 2021 under President Joe Biden. Here are some staggering numbers: Gasoline: $1.77 under Trump vs. $3 under Biden. Lumber: $332 per 1,000 board feet under Trump vs. $1,570 per 1,000 board feet under Biden. Home sales: $283,500 under Trump vs. $329,100 under Biden. Coffee: $0.96 a pound under Trump vs. $1.50 a pound under Biden. Wheat: $5 a bushel under Trump vs. $7.42 under Biden. Corn: $3.19 a bushel under Trump vs. $7.22 a bushel under Biden. Copper: $2.33 a pound under Trump vs. $4.76 a pound under Biden. This is an exhaustive list – verging on overkill because I want to drive home that the rising inflation is across the board. Yes, some of the increase in prices is due to pent up demand and hamstrung supply chains. However, the sheer volume of cash the government has poured into the economy over the last year-and-a-half is now driving rising costs. The inflation rate has tripled from 1.4 percent in January to 4.2 percent in April…

‘It is this gap between the triviality, pettiness, and partisanship of the Washington reality and the personal impact of American reality which explains why – despite everything the media has done to prop up Biden and the Democrats – two polls in the last week (one Democrat and one Republican) have shown the generic vote for the House tied. Larry Sabato, University of Virginia Center for Politics Director and Editor in Chief of the Crystal Ball newsletter, now has 19 incumbent Democrats in toss-up races and only two Republicans. If inflation, education, and other real-world issues continue going badly for the Democrats, the Washington reality will be drowned by the American reality. In that world, McCarthy will be Speaker of the House and Sen. Mitch McConnell will once again be Majority Leader.” As it should be.