Martha MacCallum Takes On Teachers Union Goon On Critical Race Theory

MacCallum wiped the floor with her.

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Is there anything more loathsome than a teachers union? They make moray eels and palmetto bugs take umbrage at the very comparison. Martha MacCallum, the aesthetically pleasing Fox News host, took on her opposite number, in more ways than one, and trounced her on the subject of critical race theory and the notoriously racist 1619 Project.

FNC: “The Story” host Martha MacCallum tangled with American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten Monday over her support of The New York Times’ controversial ‘1619 Project’ and critical race theory being taught in classrooms across the country. MacCallum questioned Weingarten’s push to implement a curriculum based on certain parts of the 1619 Project, published in 2019 by the Times. The project is based on the belief that the first importation of the slaves to American shores in 1619 constituted the nation’s true founding, ‘and that the reason for the revolution and the colonization was because people wanted to preserve slavery,’ MacCallum explained.”

Weingarten, a Medusa-like self-anointed “history and social studies teacher”, bellowed her hatred for America, claiming that “from everything I can see and understand from the data that I see, 1619 was the year that the first slave boat came from Africa to the United States. So that’s a point in history that I think we should be teaching.”

“That’s a very simplistic take on it,” MacCallum shot back. “The Story” host correctly said the project programs children to believe that “the country was founded on the basis of wanting to preserve slavery.” Exactly. The Democrat Party was founded on that.

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“But that is not factual. That is not true,” MacCallum said. “In fact, scholars say there’s no evidence that colonists were motivated by that in coming to the United States. So it would be wrong as a historian to want to teach them something that is not true, because that is the basis that sets up all of these other tenants that lead to teaching kids that we live in a systemically racist country.” The union thug tried to pivot to Trump. MacCallum was not having it.

“Oh, come on, Randi,” a frustrated MacCallum interjected. “This is not the topic that we’re here to talk about. I’m not going to talk about that. We talked about that before. But that’s a dodge. Okay? So I’m asking you — you say you’re a social studies teacher. Do you favor teaching students that 1619 is more important than 1776? Do you favor that?”

Then the hideous Bolshevik tried to switch the subject again, knowing she was embarrassing herself. “I favor us teaching about 1776, which I have often done. I favor us teaching about 1619. I also favor us teaching about the holocaust and the genocide in terms of the holocaust,” Weingarten responded.

MacCallum asked whether the disgusting virago supports teaching impressionable children “that if they’re White they belong to an oppressor class and if they’re Black they belong to a victim class. You have any problem with that?” she asked. Weingarten tried the race card and repeated her praise of left wing racism.

“But,” MacCallum persisted, “if you raise children in this country believing that it’s a bad country that was founded on wanting to preserve slavery, which is simply not true, then we’ve got a problem in our school system. I come from a long line of very proud teachers,” MacCallum concluded, “and… I think some of them would be disturbed by what we see happening.” Point, set, game, MacCallum.

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