On Wednesday’s episode of “The View,” Joy Behar heaped praise on Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), saying that her being ousted from Republican House leadership made her like “Joan of Arc” standing up to the Republican heretics.

“We’ve seen his lack of commitment to the Constitution,” Cheney said in a clip played on the ABC talk show. “I think it’s very important we make sure whomever we elect is somebody who will be faithful to the Constitution. I think the party is in a place we’ve got to bring it back from. We’ve got to get back to a position where we are a party that can fight for conservative principles, to substance. We can’t be dragged backward by the dangerous lies of a former president.”

“Joy, about three-quarters of her Republican colleagues voted to boot her,” cohost Whoopi Goldberg said. “What does this say to the country? What is it saying to you when you hear all this?”

That’s when Behar stepped up to make her outrageous comparison.

“Well, she’s the Joan of Arc standing up to the heretics at this point,” Behar said. “She’s very lonely in that position. I do have faith that she’s a tough cookie. It’s refreshing to see someone stand up to the QAnon party who is not afraid to lose her job like the rest of those cowards who are shivering and quivering in the corner that they may have to go back to their old lives.”

I have not been a Republican fan, as you might have noticed over the years of this show,” she added. “The big lie of the Iraq war was the Republican Party. This is just another big lie that they’re perpetuating on the American people. I’m not surprised by the Republican Party, frankly. They seem to enjoy a big lie. In the first instance, a lot of people died. In this instance, we may lose our democracy. So why anybody is a Republican at this point is something I cannot fathom.”

Check out the full segment on this for yourself below.