We’ve heard it time and time again from Democrats and others who hate this country. We are racist, sexist, spoilers of the planet, imperialist, transphobic, disinfectant, ambidextrous, and other various nonsensical descriptions of the nation that has brought the greatest good to the greatest number of people here and around the globe.

But let’s give them their premise. We are just plain evil. One problem. Why why would people wait in longs lines in numerous countries to get the paperwork to come here legally? Would they wait the years it takes if we were that much a hellhole? And the millions that have come over illegally and who are trying to sneak across our southern border as you read this? What of them? Would they sometimes cross the length of Central America and Mexico to get and settle here, living in shadows for decades, if we were really all the Democrats and the Left make us out to be?

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If business is all about location, location, location, doesn’t the same hold true for the place a person and their family want to invest their lives and dreams? Stephen Miller thinks so.

FNC: “The best measure of a country’s freedoms is whether people want to ‘leave en masse, or whether or not people are trying to arrive en masse,’ Stephen Miller told ‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ in an interview airing Sunday. Host Mark Levin reminded Miller that ‘we hear day in and day out that America is systematically racist,’ posing the question that, if that were the case, ‘why would 42 million people south of the border want to come to the United States, rather than 42 million people in the United States try to leave?’

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“Miller agreed, drawing a comparison to the Soviet Union, where ‘people would do anything, anything to escape…and find a measure of freedom and human dignity.’ Miller noted that the United States was the number one global destination for immigration, requiring that the United States ‘enforce laws governing who can and can’t enter…The political adviser also noted that the United States would be unable to accept every underprivileged immigrant in the world, arguing that, ‘if you use the position of the left that every single person in the world who would stand to economically benefit from entering the U.S. should be allowed to enter the U.S., you would have to let in several billion people.’ ”

Miller also recalled his experience working in the White House for Donald Trump, where he many times focused on illegal immigration issues. “What we saw working day and night on the border is that it had become a global phenomenon,” Miller said. He’s right. Everybody wants to come here. The issue is that the Democrats want them here to become dependent on the state and thus, they hope, vote for them to keep the government spigot pouring full blast. Republicans want potentially productive citizens who obeyed the law in getting here. It is as simple as that.