When children in civilized countries are playing with innocent items of merriment, the hordes of Gaza are arming their children with automatic weapons and parading them around like totemic idols to be worshipped and slobbered upon. If there is any moment indicative of the clash of civilizations in the Middle East, this is it.

One one hand you have Israel. Western, urbane, democratic, civilized. One of the most technologically advanced nations in the world. A land that was parched desert and hovels until the Jewish people gained a national home there in 1948. She is a modern island in a sea of insane atavistic theocracies. She is a bright star, a beacon of hope. Israel survives and thrives because of her mission to her own and her inherent bravery in executing it.

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And then there is Hamas and Gaza. Let’s be specific. There are very decent stable rational regimes in the area like Egypt and Jordan. But there is also Iran, Syria, and the Palestinian Authority. In Gaza that means Hamas. The scene described in the report below highlights a bloodthirsty and barbaric atmosphere. One where small children are weaponized and bloviating tinhorns publicly beat their chests and pray for martyrdom. Not really of course. But they scream about it enough to the assorted masses to drive said masses into frothing frenzies. Real martyrdom would mean losing access to their Swiss bank accounts. Can’t have that.


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FNC: “Israel’s Defense Forces shared a video Wednesday that they said showed Hamas leader Yehiyeh Sinwar ‘proudly’ showing off ‘a child holding a firearm.’ In the video, the child is also wearing camo fatigues and what appears to be a flak vest, greeting a group of adult men on a stage. He is hoisted into the air, brandishing what looks like a rifle with a high-capacity magazine as music plays and the adults hug him and kiss his hand. Despite a recent Egypt-brokered cease-fire that halted Hamas’ rocket barrages and Israel’s airstrikes, Sinwar reportedly renewed his belligerent rhetoric. He called the deadly clash with Israel, in which more than 250 Palestinians died and nearly 2,000 were wounded, was ‘but a drill.’ The victims included about 200 militants, according to Israel, but the Gaza Health Ministry said at least 66 of the dead were children.” They are lying. It’s a usual Hamas ploy to absurdly inflate and dramatize casualty figures. No one buys their numbers. Not even Hamas themselves.

Sinwar challenged the IDF to come after him. “The greatest gift Israel can give me is to assassinate me,” he said, according to media. “I prefer to die a martyr from an F-16 than to die of coronavirus or [another] disease.” Well, okay. He’s got a point. Taking one between the eyes from the Israeli Air Force is much more interesting than succumbing to a malady. But, assassinate him? Nah. Important men are assassinated. Petty thugs like him are just killed.