Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) went on Fox News on Thursday to demand President Joe Biden stop “honking” like a goose and get to solving the country’s current challenges.

Kennedy asked why Biden “would like to see the United States of America make love to” Iran while they are “bombing the hell” out of Israel. He then sounded off on the border crisis, saying that the person in charge of solving the crisis has been “day drinking” or the Biden administration truly believes in open borders.

“We’re facing a number of challenges — we meaning America,” Kennedy said. “I would emphasize — not exclusively — but I’ve certainly emphasized the fact that Iran to whom and to which President Biden would like to see the United States of America make love is bombing the hell out of our only true friend in the Middle East, Israel.”

“But of all the problems you’ve listed, my advice to the White House is look, instead of honking on like a goose, solve them,” he added. “Now, I’m not saying it will be easy, but every one of the problems that has been mentioned has a solution. Let’s take borders, for example. If you are interested in securing the border, the solution is easy. Just go back to doing what we were doing in December. I’m not sure that President Biden is interested in solving the problem, though. I think one of two things are going on with respect to the border, Harris.”

“Number one, he either believes in open borders or number two, the person he has put in charge of securing the border, has been day drinking again,” Kennedy said. “Now, if he believes in open borders, and by his actions he does, he needs to stand up, look the American people in the eye, and say, ‘Hey, I know I told you I wasn’t for open borders, but I lied. I am for open borders. I think vetting people at the border is racist.’ I don’t think America will agree with him but maybe give him a high score for honesty.”

“Now, if the person he has got in charge of border security really is day drinking, fire him, and let’s put somebody down there who understands the problem and the solution,” he concluded. “He inherited — he meaning President Biden — a relatively secure border, and he has broken it here in, what, a few months.”