At the beginning of the virus last year we were warned again and again by leftist politicians how bad it would be if we went anywhere without a mask. Even worse, if we didn’t social distance or dared to go to a social event. For then, went the sanctimonious clamor, we would surely die.

Not counting the 97 percent survival rate, many acceded to the safety Nazi demands. But then a curious thing happened. The same people who told us to mask and stay home started attending funerals and memorials for various criminal miscreants who died in the process of interaction with police officers. There you would see them cheek by jowl with each other lamenting, rending garments, and gnashing teeth while not social distancing at all. The message was, it’s okay to break any rule as long as your cause fits the narrative.

Then guess what? Many of the same people at the memorials began to occupy the streets to take part in vandalism, arson, looting, and violence. And again, the rules were elbowed aside. After all, how can you properly, in the name of social justice, ransack a Best Buy if you have to stay six feet apart from other looters? That’s a real inconvenience. So nothing was said about that. However, if you went to the grocery and forgot your mask then all hell would break loose. Get the drift? One rule for those who fit the leftist narrative, another for everyone else. Today’s protests fit the same bill.

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FNC: “At least 22 new cases of the coronavirus in Minnesota this week have been linked to the week-long protests that followed the fatal police shooting of Daunte Wright earlier this month, state health officials said, according to a report. State Infectious Disease Director Kris Ehresmann said Thursday that 11 officers working the protests and 11 protesters have tested positive, FOX 9 in Minneapolis reported. White House coronavirus advisors have said in the past that protesting like other large gatherings can more easily spread the virus, especially if participants are shouting and chanting without wearing masks or socially distancing.”

But there is another worrying aspect here. The threat of spreading the virus can be used by government to clamp down on legitimate protests. The Biden administration, not too fond of opposition of any kind, would be just the gals and she-males to do it.

Even on the world scene opposition to the reigning virus orthodoxy, not to mention protesting it, can get you in hot water. The German domestic intelligence agencies, of course-the Germans, have started to monitor people who don’t buy into the whole virus diktat scam. Possible terrorists, says the Hun. So yes, protests by definition probably cause more virus cases. That is a legit concern. But enough of a worry to warrant suppression of civil liberties? Ask the Germans. They have an interesting record in that regard.