Conservative media personality Tudor Dixon announced this week that she has decided to run for governor of Michigan in 2022 in the hopes of ousting current Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

“I am honored by the tremendous encouragement I’ve received to run and look forward to sharing our vision of an ambitious, bright future for our state with Michiganders,” Dixon said in an announcement, which was obtained by Fox News. “It is time to reopen, rebuild, and restore Michigan.  But to do that, we have to turn the page on Governor Whitmer’s record of failed leadership.”

Dixon is currently the host of “America’s Voice Live” on the right-wing news outlet Real America’s Voice. She has long been an outspoken critic of Whitmer’s, particularly of the Democrat’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s hurt the state so significantly when you look at what’s happening with Michigan,” Dixon recently said. “You look at hospitality, you look at businesses – just yesterday businesses were actually allowed to bring their people back into the office. We have our schools shut down still, we have many students that are out of school and she supported the teachers union… she’s supported keeping businesses closed.”

Whitmer has come under fire many times over the past year for both her strict coronavirus restrictions, and the fact that she has been caught flouting them herself multiple times. Back in March, Whitmer infamously flew to Florida despite telling other Michiganders not to travel out of state. She also flew to the inauguration of Joe Biden, which was gathering of about 2,000 people, despite the fact that her own guidance in Michigan at the time limited outdoor gatherings to 25 people.

“It was great to see Pres. Trump last night,” Dixon tweeted earlier this month alongside a photo of herself and former President Donald Trump. “He’s very concerned about getting Michiganders back to work and getting our students back in school. Whitmer failed to fix the roads, failed to control the virus, & refuses to follow rules she forced on everyone else. She has to go.”

The Republican race in Michigan may get crowded by next year, as other names like former Republican Senate candidate John James and Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel have been floated as potential nominees.