Adam Carolla Slams Orwellian Cancel Culture

He's on the money.

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If you’ve read Orwell’s “1984”, if you haven’t please do, you’ll remember that Winston Smith worked in an office that canceled the news. He made sure that any facts or data that came through his desk fit the totalitarian narrative of newspeak. Well, that is the essence of cancel culture. Day is night, war is peace, lies are truth.

Empirical or objective information has no place in cancel culture. Thus big lies, like rampant and massive police brutality and systemic national racism, can be made up out of nothing and the usual suspects will bleat them out on command. Adam Carolla gives his take on cancel culture.

FNC: “Comedian and podcast host Adam Carolla went after cancel culture Saturday, telling ‘Watters World’ host Jesse Watters that the progressive movement is now advocating for things that were considered ‘Orwellian’ just three years ago. Carolla specifically cited attempts in California to change school curriculums to ensure equality and rhetoric from far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., as things that would have been considered ‘bizarre’ and ‘science-fiction’ in recent years. Carolla also defended podcast host and comedian Joe Rogan from criticism over comments he made that straight white men will eventually not be allowed to talk if progressive, ‘woke’ demands are continuously given into.’ ”


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“Anyone whose been alive for the last five years has learned that it’s called the progressive movement, and as I always say, it’s got progress and movement right in the title, so there is no signs of slowing down or pumping the brakes. And as we’ve seen, it just goes from one thing to the next,” Carolla said. “Stuff that they’re pitching today would have sounded bizarre and like science fiction and Orwellian three years ago. And they’re pitching the same stuff with a straight face.”

Carolla expressed his outrage that California is changing its school curriculum to “level the playing field” by eliminating Advanced Placement (AP) math classes up until the 11th grade. “They’re calling math racist. Stuff like that, which would have sounded patently insane a few years ago, has now become a conversation.”

“I don’t think there’s any signs of them slowing down. They’ve certainly not provided any evidence that they were ever content,” he said. “If you ever listen to someone like AOC speak, who I believe is sort of the mouthpiece for this movement, she’s never satisfied, she never pumps the brakes, she never stops, she is never satiated. So, why wouldn’t it keep going this direction?” Absolutely. Cancel culture has the White House, Congress, media, academia, pop culture, publishing, and Hollywood in its pocket. What these simpletons don’t get is that if the political winds change their attitude against free speech today could be used against them tomorrow.

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